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Cosmetic Teeth Straightening: Can You Really Get Braces At Home?

Cosmetic Teeth Straightening With Braces At Home

Many people think it’s impossible to straighten teeth at home. And these are the common objections when it comes to cosmetic teeth straightening at home with Straight Teeth Direct™:

  • They think: Only fixed braces work
  • It might be somehow dangerous or it must be a scammy company.
  • It can’t possibly work, how can you take your own impressions.
  • How do you know that it’ll work for you?

#1 – The truth behind innovation in dentistry

Here you’re going to understand how by applying technology and innovation it’s possible to reinvent an old industry such as orthodontics.

Technology at your service

Up to now, all innovation in dentistry has resulted in more expensive tools and gadgets that make dentistry less affordable and more elitist.
So, even though it enables more precise and powerful procedures, the benefits are immediate for the clinicians and unfortunately come at an extra cost for the patient.

With Straight Teeth Direct™, technology has been used to make the whole cosmetic teeth straightening process more affordable and convenient through teledentistry, so yeah, there’s something for you to smile about, finally! In brief, this means that you can get straight teeth using custom 3D printed invisible aligners from the comfort of your home and at a fraction of the cost.

A more transparent cosmetic dentistry approach

Have you ever doubted whether you actually needed that dental procedure done, or if you really needed to have these teeth removed?

Why people ditch the dentist
“Research shows that as many as 7,500 people a week visit their GP rather than a dentist when experiencing dental problems.” (Cardiff University Research).
The three main reasons found were the high cost, the fear and the inconvenient office hours.

Not getting what you want
When you go to a clinic, you are seeing a clinician but you are also going to a business where the different options have an economic impact on the practice. They have all interests in selling you the most profitable option for them, so who is really to blame here?

  • You might be recommended fixed braces because “you’re not suitable” or your dentist doesn’t offer invisible aligners, but in fact this is because their lab fees for custom aligners are too high and it makes more sense business wise to offer fixed braces.
  • You might be recommended braces for over 3 years, because in your country the fee is charged per appointment.

A solution designed for you
At Straight Teeth Direct™, we want everybody to feel good about themselves and if that means improving their smile, yet not achieving clinical perfection, that’s fine. Sometimes, it’s perfect enough for you.
Everything will be explained to you through detailed reports and forms, which you’ll have time to read through in your own time and ask questions whenever you feel ready. No pressure or confusion, all your records are saved and you yourself can access that whenever wherever you want. It’s no longer a closed conversation where you just have to listen to what your doctor says, which can sometimes be intimidating.

#2 – A 3-step cosmetic teeth straightening journey

Your Straight Teeth Direct™ journey consists of 3 steps, and you’re protected by the guarantee at every single stage of the process, so you can progress through your cosmetic teeth straightening journey with confidence.

1. Smile Diagnostic [virtual consultation]

You can first send specific photos of your teeth from 5 different angles for your free e-consultation and suitability assessment.
Unlike other online smile assessments, you won’t be receiving an automatic reply saying yes you are suitable, or a generic answer. Your photos and answers will be personally reviewed by dentists and technicians working together to better assess cases.
Your results act as your suitability guarantee, so that you don’t have to order anything unless you know for sure cosmetic teeth straightening with Straight Teeth Direct™ is adapted to your dental needs.

2. SmileBox™ [impression kit]

Making good first impressions
Ok, you’re clear on the virtual smile consultation, but impressions, that’s hard right? Actually, no. Following a step by step manual and video instructions, many people around the world have found it very easy to capture good quality impressions of their teeth, which means that they can be pre-scanned. Many people have found it enjoyable and actually fun.
In fact, there is no “impression science”, dentists and dental nurses train to take impressions, but they are also asked for retakes from the labs they work with all the time.
With your Straight Teeth Direct™ SmileBox™, you’ll be able to capture three sets of impressions for your upper and lower arch, making it 6 moulds in total. They’ll all be digitally scanned at the lab to create a 3D model of your teeth.
You’ve got full confidence that you can get it done right. Only 20% of users have been sent a custom follow-up impression kit (free of charge) for the production of their aligners, and 100% of them have been able to supply an accurate impression the second time around.

Consent to something you understand
From your 3D model, your assigned dentist will prepare a full report for you, called your Straight Teeth Plan, in which you’ll be able to see your orthodontic recommendations, what can be achieved (with a realistic simulation of the end result) and how long it should take for you to get that straighter smile you’ve always dreamed of.
You also get a video simulation and full explanations telling you exactly what your situation is, what compromises there are, etc. You get more details than you would get in many clinics because it’s all recorded and illustrated, not just a conversation.
Once you are happy with the plan, you also get an e-signed copy that acts as your result agreement between you and Straight Teeth Direct™.

3. StraightBox™ [teeth straightening kit]

Okay, so then how do your aligners arrive? Once you’ve placed your order, it’ll take a couple of weeks for your first sets to be ready and shipped directly to you in your StraightBox™. In that box, you’ll find your starter kit, your first 2 months’ supply of aligners, and instructions on how to get started.

No visits to the dentist needed
You got that right! At this stage, you’ll have been recommended to have seen your dentist sometime within the last 6 months, just to make sure there are no issues with your teeth and gums. Apart from that, all the reviews with your dentist about your invisible aligners are done through your phone.
We innovated not only in the delivery of the treatment itself, but also in how the aligners work. That means, unlike with in clinic solutions, you won’t need extractions, attachments (dots on the teeth) or IPR (filing between the teeth). You’ll receive soft and hard aligners to make your straightening more comfortable.

Full support along your cosmetic teeth straightening journey
Included in your cosmetic teeth straightening package you’ll get all your progress reviews with your orthodontist. Yes, not going to a dentist in person is one thing, but you should always be supervised and monitored. It’s not enough to just get the aligners. With this unique system, you have a dedicated orthodontist and support team to help you achieve your smile goals from the comfort of your home. You can ask any questions, get answers and reassurance super fast, so you know you’re on the right track.

Gradual treatment for guaranteed results
Based on your progress, your dentist will order your next sets of aligners, so that you receive them in batches to make sure they all fit properly and effectively straighten your teeth as programmed. You don’t have to worry about getting all the aligners in one go and that it’ll end up not working for you. In the clinic, they produce them in stages – we do the same, so you can have confidence that they’re progressing correctly.

We can’t wait to get you started and give you that beautiful smile that will make you feel your best. Ask us any questions or submit your photos for your free e-consultation today, so you can find out for sure if cosmetic teeth straightening with Straight Teeth Direct™ would work for you.


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