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Smile more. Pay less

Smile More.
Pay Less.


Step One


[Home impression kit + personalised plan]



This covers:

Postage to and from you

Postage to and from you

All impression needed

All impression needed


Step Two


[Custom aligners + Dentist monitoring]

Order aligner treatment

Pay in one go

3 instalments

Upfront : £629 — Instalments : £629 — 2 and 4 months later


Upfront : £499 — Monthly : £179/month — for 8 months


Buy now pay later with Humm — external credit provider — subject to credit check – inclusive of account fee, interest and APR

– £30 on order – Instalments: £168.79/month – for 12 months

– £30 on order – Instalments: £92.52/month – for 24 months

Apply for finance

This covers:

All aligners top & bottom

All aligners top & bottom

Monthly progress tracking

Monthly progress tracking

Free set of retainers

Free set of retainers

Smile Upgrades

Whitening upgrade Whitening upgrade
Decorative icon

Whitening upgrade


Whiten and brighten your teeth while you sleep. Professional results, reduce sensitivity

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Whitening upgrade Whitening upgrade
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Maintainer plan

From £150/year

Receive fresh new retainers every year and extend your guarantee against broken/lost retainers + tooth movement

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Pricing FAQs

The impression stage includes everything you need to capture your teeth impressions and receive a treatment plan and prescription from a dentist for aligner therapy.

√ 3 upper / 3 lower trays and impression putty
√ A pair of gloves
√ Free return shipping label
√ Manual & impression photos review from dentist
√ 3D smile simulation video
√ Detailed orthodontic plan that covers your predicted outcome, diagnosis, limitations and expectations.

This stage is 100% commitment free and allows you to make an informed decision.
If impression retake is required you can receive additional material and guidance free of charge (see terms and conditions on the guarantee page)

Your all inclusive teeth straightening package with Straight Teeth Direct comes with:

  • All top and bottom aligners and impressions necessary to achieve your end results safely
  • Aligner starter kit (file, retriever, chewies, aligner case)
  • All guarantees attached to your package (lost and broken / refinements)
  • On demand dentist and customer support
  • Virtual monthly progress reviews and dynamic monitoring
  • 1 free set of post treatment retainers
  • Express shipping to your door

We do have offers on the teeth whitening upgrades. We have optimised remote orthodontic treatment in such a way that allows us to provide the highest quality product and service at the lowest possible aligner cost, all year round.

The teeth straightening treatment is £1790 if you pay in one go.

We offer various options if you prefer to spread the cost of your aligner treatment.

Spread the cost through one of our credit-check free options:

  • Monthly payments: £499 upfront then £179 monthly for 8 months
  • Three instalments: £629 upfront then £629 2 months later and another 2 months later

Or opt for a Buy Now Pay Later plan with Humm (subject to credit check) – external finance provider.

  • £30 on order then £168.79 per month split over 12 months
  • £30 on order then £92.52 per month split over 24 months

Humm payment plans require an online credit application and approval process. Please note that repayment Terms and Conditions from Humm will apply, and Straight Teeth Direct is not responsible for any changes made to Humm Terms and Conditions that may affect your repayment plan.

With our unique in-house payment plans you can spread the cost of treatment independently of your income or financial situation and it won’t impact your credit history since it is set up as a subscription directly with us. Each plan has a set amount and so it does not operate like a finance plan with interests.

The external payment plans with Humm may be subject to interest depending on your chosen plan.

The in house payment plans do not require a credit check so everyone is eligible to spread the cost independently of their finance history.

If you opt for a finance plan through the Humm platform then they will conduct what they refer to as a “hard credit search”.
Humm is a responsible provider of credit which means they need to take a few things into consideration when they assess your application.

Following the account creation this is when you’ll be able to apply and they will perform the hard credit search based on your personal financial situation; you’ll receive a decision instantly.
Humm is an independent finance provider and Straight Teeth Direct is in no way involved in the borrowing and repayment procedures.

For more information on their terms and how they work, please consult Humm’s website.

If you choose one of the in house payment plans, it is automatically set up at check out, and payments are handled for you automatically by Stripe (the app payment processor) on a monthly basis in accordance with your first transaction. The payments for the aligner cost are NOT synced with the progress of your treatment.
For example, if you made the first payment on January 1st, your next payment will be due exactly one month from then, so on February 1st and so on. The payments will be subtracted directly from the card you registered with.

Don’t worry, the payment processor will try to subtract the amount 3 times. If after the 3rd try payment is still unsuccessful, you will be contacted to solve the issue.

The eligibility criteria to borrow money with Humm include:

  • Being 18 years or older;
  • Being a permanent UK resident for at least 6 months;
  • Have a regular income of at least £1000 per month;
  • Have a UK credit or debit card in your own name;
  • Not being insolvent (or declared bankrupt)

The application is done online and your income and credit score will be assessed before receiving a decision instantly.
Hard credit searches will leave a footprint on your credit file, and may impact your credit score.

You can already create your Humm account here if you don’t already have one:

This will give you access to a dedicated Humm account where you can manage your payment plan, change your card details, and update your payment date.
Once set up you can apply for finance on the humm platform and go through the necessary credit checks.
Each application once approved is valid for 28 days.
If approved you can proceed through check out via your Straight Teeth Direct account, select which Humm payment plan you prefer and it will bring you back to your Humm login where you can set up the payment plan.
We will confirm the order once Humm has notified us and your aligners will be shipped directly to your door in stages according to your individual treatment progress.

Your loan eligibility will be valid for a period of 28 days from the date of application approval.
If you do it before the impression stage, make sure to return your impressions as promptly as possible so that you have time to receive the full plan and confirm your decision at this stage.

You can already create your Humm account here:

  • For the 12 month plan you’ll first pay a Humm setup fee of £30, followed by 12 monthly instalments of £168.79 (this price includes APR, interest & a monthly Humm account fee of £4).
  • For the 24 month plan you’ll first pay a Humm setup fee of £30, followed by 24 monthly instalments of £92.52 (this price includes APR, interest & a monthly Humm account fee of £4).

Please note that repayment Terms and Conditions from Humm will apply, and Straight Teeth Direct is not responsible for any changes made to Humm Terms and Conditions that may affect your repayment plan.

If your application is declined, you’ll always have the option to choose one of the in house credit check free plans instead. VIEW PAYMENT PLANS

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