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In a day and age where quality online products are few and far between, we want to set your mind at ease. So, here’s our promise: Get results with no hidden costs – simple!

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Industry leading guarantees

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Unmatched clinical expertise

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  • Be 100% sure this is going to work for you after your case has been approved by a dentist through the Am I Suitable? process
  • You won’t have to pay more even if more impressions are needed [other companies typically charge half of the cost again]
Suitability and Impressions Guarantee
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Lost & Broken Aligner Replacement

  • Accidents happen! That’s why you won’t have to pay extra in case you break or lose an aligner during treatment [other companies typically charge £99 per replacement aligner]
Lost and Broken Aligner Guarantee
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Results Agreement Guarantee

  • Your smile simulation and full report show you your personal, clinically attainable results before even starting treatment. That way, you’ll know exactly where your teeth straightening journey will take you before committing. Get the results agreed in your plan with no hidden costs!
  • Receive all aligners needed to achieve the goals set out in your plan, which shows the optimum possible outcome based on your unique dental structure [other companies typically charge a minimum of £400 for refinements]
Results Agreement Guarantee
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Extended Guarantee After Treatment

  • Join the Maintainer Plan to extend your guarantee after treatment and keep straight teeth for life
  • Receive new retainers every 6 months for only £150/year [clinics typically charge £350 per set of retainers]
Extended Guarantee
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View the Terms & Conditions

  1. All Straight Teeth Direct™ guarantees are subject to a fair use policy
  2. The impressions guarantee is valid when you follow the instructions given to you in your manual and through your secure account. You will be asked to share photos of your first impressions for a dentist to review them before completing the remaining ones.
    You will be given extra kits or offered a 3D scan (if applicable in your location), in case the first impressions were not good enough as long as you have followed these instructions and shared photos.
  3. The Lost & Broken Aligner Replacement Guarantee applies to individual aligners and for a maximum of 3 aligners within a 6 month period. This is applicable only for aligners that you should currently be wearing according to your treatment plan, not past or future aligners.
    Should you wish to have extra aligners and replacements of past or future aligners, there will be a cost of £99 per aligner to produce.
    If your aligner is broken, you must send a picture via your secure account.
    Depending on your progress, which will be reviewed by the clinical team, you will be advised either to wear your most recent aligner (the aligner number before the lost/broken one) while waiting for a replacement, or, if your progress is satisfactory, you may be able to move on to the next aligner number without waiting for a replacement.
    There is no general solution for all cases, so make sure to let us know via your app account as soon as you lose/break your aligner, and you will be given advice.
  4. Results Agreement Guarantee applies if the aligners are used exactly as instructed in your individual treatment plan, i.e. wearing them for the full 22 hours a day, for the duration recommended (2 to 4 weeks), and completing all your virtual aligner reviews.
    Wearing each aligner for less than the prescribed 2 weeks invalidates the guarantee, as the aligners will not have enough time to result in the required movement.
    The above steps are key to guaranteeing visibly straighter teeth, and if you miss any of these steps, the guarantee will no longer apply.
    The guarantee will also be void if you alter your tooth shape during the treatment through a dental procedure. This is why our clinical board recommends all dental procedures to be done before the start of the treatment or after completion, and you should ensure you're dentally healthy before considering treatment.
    If, despite following all instructions outlined in your personal plan, your teeth do not respond to the aligners as predicted during your treatment (due to your dental structure and individual biological response), or you do not have visibly straighter teeth by the end of your treatment, you may be eligible to receive further aligners for refinement.
    Asymmetries of tooth shape, jaw position and tooth colour all influence the subjective aesthetic perception of your smile. Everybody has different teeth, which is why you receive a full 3D smile simulation and comprehensive treatment plan, in which your individual best outcome is explained and depicted at length. This informs you on the clinical results attainable in your specific case, which depend on your bone structure and how your teeth respond to the treatment.
    It is important to note that biological factors, such as tooth thickness, can limit the tooth's responsiveness to treatment and ability to align in 100% accordance with the plan, a factor that cannot be detected or predicted at the treatment planning stage.
    The Results Agreement Guarantee only applies if the best possible cosmetic orthodontic outcome in your specific case is not achieved, and does not include or cover variations to the plan based on tooth shape, reduced biological response or subjective aesthetic perception of your smile, or of what a perfect smile is.
  5. Extended Guarantee After Treatment
    Read more about the Maintainer Plan LEARN MORE

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