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What sets us apart?
Invisible braces at home Invisible braces at home

The Straight Teeth difference.

Lots of teeth straightening services look the same; we’re a bit different.
From the initial assessment, dental records and x-rays checks, to the detailed orthodontic report you receive, the monthly virtual reviews on the app and aligners delivered in stages according to your progress, Straight Teeth Direct® is the only fully remote aligner company in the world with an integrated system, in house production and dynamic monitoring that can guarantee your results.

Since 2015, we have been providing a safe and comprehensive alternative to in-clinic treatment without cutting corners. From our innovative tech, digitally trained dentists to the all-important price promise, we are nothing like the DIY orthodontics companies you may have heard of – find out how we set ourselves apart below.

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How much does the full treatment cost compared to other teeth straightening methods?

The fixed price for your straight teeth journey is £1790, with no hidden costs or unpleasant surprises. In-clinic procedures typically cost between £3500 - £5500, excluding any extra services such as aligner replacement, refinements or retainers.

How can it be so much cheaper than other options?

Clinics and other online aligner companies do not have their own aligner production facilities and laboratories. This means they need to outsource production to another company. This generates extra production and shipping costs. At Straight Teeth Direct®, all your aligners are produced at our own lab in London, so we have full control over production and product quality.

Furthermore, clinics have fixed overheads, as the cost of running a modern, fully equipped dental clinic are high, which influences their pricing for all treatments. By using innovative teledentistry technology and your Straight Teeth App®, we have cut these clinic costs and can pass on the savings to you.

What do you mean with "no hidden costs"?

Throughout teeth straightening, you might lose or break an aligner, or your teeth may not respond to the aligners as expected and require further aligners. In clinic and other online providers do not cover the cost for these unexpected events, typically coming in at another £50 - £150 per tray. At Straight Teeth Direct®, all of the above is covered by the fixed treatment price.

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What is the suitability guarantee and why is it important?

Your Am I Suitable? serves as your suitability guarantee. This means that if your e-consultation is approved, you can be 100% sure that this teeth straightening method will work for you. This is an important step in assessing your dental history and health before proceeding with any cosmetic orthodontic treatment. Other online companies do not offer such a comprehensive and professional screening process, resulting in many users finding out that they are unsuitable down the line, wasting time and money.

How do your guarantees differ from teeth straightening other options?

By putting in place 4 unique and industry leading guarantees, your results and safety are protected from the Am I Suitable? until long after your treatment is completed. This means that you won't be charged extra for any additional treatment requirements, such as second impression kits, you will receive all aligners necessary to reach your goals, and you have the option to join the Maintainer Plan to protect your smile for life with yearly retainer deliveries and further guarantees.

Clinics and other online companies charge extra for additional impressions, don't offer any results guarantees until after the treatment plan has been received, charge £99 or more per replacement aligner, as well as a minimum of £400 for refinements, and £350 per set of retainers. You would also be charged extra for any aligners required in the event that your teeth start shifting again.

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Do you work with dentists?

Our entire company is dentist-led and supported by the latest technology. All your clinical questions will be answered by qualified dentists, and your treatment is fully monitored by expert dentists and orthodontists, every step of the way. Other online companies provide aligners without the necessary medical support or monitoring; being accessible and having your teeth straightened remotely doesn't mean you should cut down on important clinical supervision.

Where are your dentists based?

Our dentists and orthodontists are all based in Europe and are hand-picked according to their proven track record of achieving exceptional smile results. They use digital innovations in teledentistry to help more people achieve their best smile. The Straight Teeth Direct® platform allows them to work comfortably from their own offices, just as it allows you to straighten your teeth from home. In-clinic options require you to visit regular appointments during opening hours, making the entire treatment process less flexible and more expensive on both ends.

Are you regulated and are your dentists licensed?

Straight Teeth Direct® is a technology platform that connects you with regulated dentists and allows you to save thousands on invisible aligners in the hands of cosmetic teeth straightening experts. The dentists and orthodontists working on the platform are all registered and licensed in the jurisdiction they are working in.

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Where are the aligners produced?

All of your aligners are produced and shipped directly to your door from our own aligner production facility and UK lab. Other companies and clinics outsource the production of their aligners to third party manufacturers, which increases overall production costs and sometimes shipping delays as they are often based in America or China.

Why is it important that you produce your own aligners?

As we own the entire end-to-end manufacturing process, we are able to cut out the middle man, reduce overheads, minimise production costs and quickly adapt to all our users' needs. This, in turn, provides you with the most affordable, accessible and flexible teeth straightening solution on the market. Other companies and clinics outsource the production of their aligners to third party manufacturers, increasing overall costs. Additionally, manufacturers may not always be able to deliver the number of aligners required in the time available, forcing their customers to source from two or more manufacturers. This can have a huge impact on product quality, as variations in the materials and machines used, as well as manual finishing touches, are common.

How are your aligners different (more invisible or comfortable)?

Our revolutionary aligners are produced and crafted using the most transparent, medically graded BPA free recyclable plastic material, eliminating the irritation often associated with traditional metal braces. We combine the use of smart technology to design the medium-firm aligner devices that help to safely and gradually move your teeth, and each aligner is meticulously hand-finished, ensuring both superior quality and the utmost comfort throughout your journey. At the clinic, you will have attachments bonded to your teeth to help the aligner achieve the necessary movement. These attachments are visible and feel unnatural against your gums. Other online companies use only one type of aligner, compromising on effectiveness and comfort.

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How do I know that this treatment is safe for me?

Successful and safe treatment begins with proper screening. That's why you are first required to complete a Am I Suitable? to check for suitability before ever investing a penny on your new smile. This unique screening process is designed to assess your tooth position, available space, dental health and goals. By answering a few questions and sending in 5 pictures of your teeth from different angles, our expert dentists are able to evaluate your suitability in only 24 hours. Clinics often charge for initial consultations, even if you end up not being suitable. Other online options do not offer this advanced screening process, and do not provide any guarantees until the treatment plan has been bought.

How do you ensure my safety throughout the treatment?

Before you start your treatment, you will be asked to submit your most recent x-rays and BPE gum scores, so that our dentists can properly evaluate your dental health just like they do in clinics. This is an important step, as issues not visible on the surface of your teeth and gums through pictures can negatively impact your treatment if not taken into account. Other online providers skip this step, compromising both your safety and the effectiveness of your treatment.

Why is monthly monitoring necessary?

Your monthly reviews through the app allow your assigned dentist to compare your progress with your 3D models for that stage to make sure you're on track and monitor your actual tooth movement. Only once this is confirmed will you receive your next stage of aligners, and so on. In the case of any necessary adjustments, they can be made immediately at our lab, so that your treatment goes ahead as planned, safe and efficient. Other online aligner companies do not offer these monthly checkups and instead send out all aligners in one go at the start of your treatment. These factors turn problematic when adjustments need to be made to the treatment plan: the correction process is slow, delaying treatment, and any already delivered aligners cannot be used.

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What is the Am I Suitable?

The free e-consultation represents the start of your straight teeth journey, and is there to advise you on whether or not this at-home procedure is right for you. Just like in clinic options, you are thoroughly screened before starting any treatment. If you are suitable, the e-consultation acts as your suitability guarantee, so that you know this method can help you visibly transform your smile. While other online methods also require you to fill in an online questionnaire, this is often an automated form used for marketing purposes.

What is the suitability guarantee?

An approved e-consultation acts as your suitability guarantee, which means you know for sure that the Straight Teeth Direct® method will give you your best smile. Clinics charge for this process, and online providers do generally skip the dentist-led screening service, with no guarantees until the treatment plan is bought.

What is the purpose of the Straight Teeth Direct® app?

The Straight Teeth Direct® app is a platform that directly connects you to the support and clinical teams. Via your secure account, you can ask any questions related to your treatment and will receive faster and better responses than through email or phone calls. The app also serves as a database for all your conversation history, documents and reports, as well as a progress tracker that shows your treatment progress in %. In clinic options require you to schedule appointments for checkups and advice, while other online companies are still using emails and phone calls for customer support. This results in longer response times or confusing answers, not having easy access to all your info in one place.

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What will my results be at the end of the treatment?

Every straight teeth journey is different, so no two smiles will look the same. That is why, as part of the SmileBox® service, you receive a comprehensive treatment plan with a diagnosis of your individual requirements and results, including a 3D simulation of how your teeth will move and your final result, replacing the conversation that you would have with your dentist if you opted for an in-clinic solution. This way, you know what your results will be before spending any money on the StraightBox® and treatment plan. Additionally, you will receive all the information in a written format with visuals, so you can take all the time you need to go through each point before making your final decision. Other online providers will only send you a 3D smile simulation and not provide a comprehensive treatment plan, giving you less understanding of your individual possibilities and expectations.

What is the results agreement?

As mentioned above, no two smiles look the same. That's why we won't promise you a one-size-fits-all solution or Hollywood smile that you might not be able to achieve. Your Straight Teeth Plan gives you a detailed clinical report of your individual optimum smile goals, so you know exactly what your realistic results are. Before signing the plan and agreeing to your results, you will have the chance to ask your digital orthodontist any questions you may have, just like you would when speaking to your dentist in the clinic. Other online teeth straightening companies advertise a picture perfect smile for all their customers, which is an unrealistic representation of real, beautiful smiles, resulting in disappointment when this “perfection” is not achieved.

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Yes, we’re cheaper

Clinic prices start at £3500. Our fixed fee is £1790.

We’re affordable We’re affordable
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How are we cheaper?

A digital service means less overheads, we can pass on the savings to you.

We’re affordable We’re affordable
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Our experienced dentists also work in clinics and will provide the very best oral care. You will be assigned a dentist who will look after your treatment from start to finish. All our dentists are friendly and approachable – if youve got a question, just ask.

We’re affordable We’re affordable
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Our lab

Our competitors outsource the manufacture of their products, but we look after everything in our own lab. Were at the forefront of aligner research and development, so our users benefit from the latest innovations and a truly personalised service.

We’re affordable We’re affordable
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Our guarantee

Using our unique app, a real dentist can assess your suitability before getting started, risk free. Successful and safe treatment starts with good screening.

We’re affordable We’re affordable
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Regular reviews

Throughout your treatment, the clinical team will assess and track your progress monthly, and order your next aligners according to your tooth movement.

We’re affordable We’re affordable
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Bespoke service

We're all different, so if you need more aligners or more time dont worry. Its all included in your one-off fee - unlike many of our competitors who charge for extra aligners.

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No fee guarantee

Lost or broken aligners? No problem. Well get it sorted and get you back on track in no time. At no extra cost.

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