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Straight teeth for your wedding: the elephant in the room


Whether you’re having a summer or a winter wedding, a confident smile is always in style. It comes at a cost though, and you might not have that much time ahead of your big day to schedule the appointments you need.

However, the elephant in the room is budget. How are you going to make room when there’s already a thousand things to pay for, and what’s more important to you? Do you have to compromise on your wedding, or is there another way?

A solution that fits in your wedding schedule

Traditional teeth straightening options are very expensive, meaning you have to decide whether you’d rather have a confident smile to sparkle on your wedding photos, or a nicer dress, designer shoes, and beautiful invitations. That’s a hard decision!

With Straight Teeth Direct™, you can save up to 70% on your orthodontic treatment, and we deliver everything to your door. The price is fixed, so you know exactly what it will cost and you can factor this into your wedding budget easily. There’s no hassle of going from clinic to clinic for consultations and quotes, or having disappointing surprises in the end.

By receiving everything to your door (or to your work if that’s easier), you don’t have to go to your orthodontist for repeated appointments, which add even more stress in the run up to your wedding. You’ll be assigned to your personal orthodontist and have access to our round the clock support, making sure it’s a smooth and pleasant process.

You’ll receive the SmileBox™ impression kit through the post, allowing you take moulds of your teeth and send them back. When you’re happy with your predicted smile and your straight teeth plan, just place your order on your phone and you’ll receive the aligners in the post, too. All the follow up reviews are done on your screen from the comfort of your home.

Get that gorgeous confident smile on your own terms

The aligners are removable and invisible, working progressively as you wear them. This means that if you still need more treatment before the big day, you can take them out and put them back in afterwards – no stress and no braces ruining your wedding photos.

But if you want to make sure your treatment is finished before the big day, you can calculate and schedule in advance. First, you take the free e-consultation by submitting photos of your teeth and answering a few questions. This will help us find the right solution for your dental situation. If you’re told that aligners at home could give you straighter teeth, then you can order your self-impression kit. In your straight teeth plan, you’ll see the simulation of what your new smile could look like and a comprehensive report with your orthodontic recommendations. You’ll be told approximately how long you’ll have to wear aligners for each arch (top and bottom teeth) to achieve that result, so you know what to expect before you decide to commit further. Then you can decide whether or not it’s worth going through the treatment or not based on your wedding date.

5 ideas to add to your wedding by saving money on orthodontics

So, if you were to save £3000 on your cosmetic teeth straightening treatment, what kinds of things could you add to your big day? Here are 5 great ideas:

1. Ride into the venue on an elephant
Straight Teeth Direct™ co-founder Lucie had at-home aligner treatment before her big day, because she was self-conscious about her teeth and didn’t want to hide her smile anymore for her wedding photos. During the wedding in India, they hired an elephant for the bride and her father to make a grand entrance.

2. Jimmy Choo heels
The only way to put your best foot forward is in a pair of personalised, engraved Jimmy Choos. You can have both your and your partner’s initials on the soles, as well as the date of the big day.

3. Pre-wedding photo shoot
The good vibes don’t start on the wedding day, it’s all about the prep! A pre-wedding photo shoot with your future partner is the perfect way to make memories, and you can then use them on your wedding invites or wedding favours.

4. Luxury European honeymoon
You could also throw your orthodontic savings at your honeymoon and book yourself a break in a glamorous European city. Lisbon is becoming a very popular destination because of its welcoming vibes, good food, sunshine, and history. Our founders loved it so much they decided to move and settle there at the beginning of 2017. With £3000 you can afford to do it in real style.

5. Be smart and save it
The alternative is to save the money and not spend it at all! You can beam in your wedding photos with your new, perfect smile, and think about how great it is your wedding didn’t completely break the bank.

You see no compromise, you can invest in your smile and a whole lot more. The important thing is to start with a budget and write down what you want to prioritise.

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