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I was unable to afford dentist fees!

Shannon's invisible aligners reviews - she was unable to afford dentist fees

“After several years of being unhappy with my teeth and wanting to get them straightened but being unable to afford dentist fees, I decided to have a look online […] and came across Straight Teeth Direct!”

Keep reading for Shannon’s honest feedback on her long awaited dream smile transformation!

Unable to afford dentist fees

Like many adults, Shannon was unable to afford the extortionate dentists fees she was quoted for in-clinic orthodontic treatment. She also didn‘t feel like wasting her time at in-person clinic appointments and decided to look online for more affordable teeth straightening alternatives.

She quickly found out about at-home invisible aligners and stumbled across Straight Teeth Direct soon after that. At first, Shannon didn‘t know which of the online aligner companies to go for, but when it came to the price, Straight Teeth Direct were the most competitive and she had soon made up her mind.

In her own words:

“I was torn between them and another online company, however [Straight Teeth Direct’s] prices were very competitive, very affordable”

So many genuine aligner reviews… 

Another factor that helped Shannon decide on the best online aligner company for her were the hundreds of genuine customer reviews and photos. They really gave her a sense of security and trust when choosing Straight Teeth Direct. 

“This made me feel quite secure that the company was trustworthy and that’s why I decided to go with Straight Teeth Direct!”

Shannon also loves that she can complete monthly aligner check-ups virtually via the teeth straightening app. All she needs to do is snap a few pictures of her smile for her assigned dentist to review. Now, more than six months into her smile journey, she has never had any second thoughts!

Aligners vs braces: easily keep your teeth clean!

One of Shannon’s favourite things about using invisible aligners is that she can take them out as and when she needs to. This means no getting food stuck in annoying metal wires or brackets, and easy oral hygiene. Teeth straightening and optimal dental health, all in one!

“[Aligners] are much easier than standard braces! You can also take them out and clean your teeth properly, which is something you can’t do with conventional braces.”

Shannon’s aligners are also totally smooth, invisible, and comfortable to use – what more can you ask for? Check Rachel’s invisible aligners review if you want more input!

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