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Why Teeth Can Move After Having Braces

Why Teeth Move

Table of Contents

#1 Why teeth move

#2 How to realign your teeth

#3 How To Keep Your Teeth Straight

#4 Keep Your New Smile Looking Great Forever 🙂

We get many people telling us they have worn braces to straighten their teeth in their teens, but their teeth have become crooked again. Straight Teeth Direct™ can help you straighten your teeth again with clear aligners.

In this post we’ll explain why unplanned tooth movement can happen and what to do to prevent it from happening again.

#1 Why Teeth Move

In nature everything follows the path of least resistance. The wind blows and the grass bends. In the same way think of the thousands of movements your jaw and facial muscles make every single day. Every time you even breathe, speak, chew, sneeze or smile different muscles come into play, stretching and contorting your mouth. And your tongue is another very powerful muscle, pushing against your teeth continuously as you form words.

Over time the jaw grows and this changes the positions of the teeth slightly, in addition to this the jaw muscles cause the width of the jaw to narrow slightly over time. This means there is less space for the teeth to sit next to each others and then they start to overlap. Combining this with the pressure from the tongue and the lips and the teeth become crooked again.

This is why it is so important to have a retainer (either a fixed or removable) to maintain the new tooth positions. Your dentist will recommend wearing your removable retainer every day for the first 2 weeks, then at night only for the first 6 months and then 3 nights a week long term to maintain the position. You can also get a fixed retainer bonded behind your teeth if adapted to your case for extra peace of mind.

#2 How To Realign Your Teeth

To easily realign your teeth from the comfort of home, all you need to do is follow these simple steps:

  1. Download the app or get started here with your free e-consultation and submit your photos. A dentist will then review your case within 24 hours to determine whether or not this solution is right for you.
  2. If you are a suitable candidate for remote aligner therapy, you will receive your Smilebox™ (impression kit) and make the impressions of your teeth as instructed. Your impressions are 3D scanned at the lab to accurately determine what type of correction needs to be made to restore your attractive smile.  Clear aligners are extremely effective at closing minor to moderate spacing, and re-aligning crooked teeth. This step is essential to measure the available space and the space required to straighten your teeth.  The software then calculates the number of aligners you will need to reset your teeth and a dentist prescribes your treatment plan and options.  Your aligners work by moving the teeth 0.2mm at a time and  are replaced every two to four weeks. You will always be asked for impressions of both your upper and lower teeth to check your bite and make sure there are no interferences with the movements. In some cases after your case is examined you could be suitable for upper or lower only treatment but in most cases movement is needed on both arches to achieve the desired result.
  3. Once you’re happy with your treatment plan and predicted smile result, you will receive your StraightBox™, which contains your first few sets of aligners. You wear your aligners every day and night for 22 hours for the amount of time predicted in your treatment plan and complete monthly reviews via the app so that your assigned dentist can ensure your progress is on track. In 5-9 months your treatment will be complete and you can welcome your new smile!

#3 How To Keep Your Teeth Straight

Retainer, retainer, retainer.  We can’t stress the importance of wearing your fixed and/or removable retainer enough.

At the end of your treatment time, the lab will produce and supply you with a set of removable retainers to be worn for a prescribed amount of time every day to keep your teeth in place. Unlike your clear aligners, your retainer will not make any further adjustments, but it will allow your teeth to stabilise in their new position. Retainers are meant to be worn for up to 6 months at a time before getting new ones. Our unique Maintainer Plan will provide you with fresh sets of retainers every year , and extend the guarantee of your new smile.

If relevant to your dental needs, you’ll be recommended to visit your local cosmetic dentist to have a fixed retainer fitted to prevent any further movements.  Bonded to the back of your teeth, this discreet, unobtrusive retainer will ensure you have no further problems.

#4 Keep Your New Smile Looking Great Forever 🙂

Have you also had braces as a teen and your teeth moved back? Maybe it’s time to get them fixed again – get your free e-consultation now to see how we can help your smile get back on track!

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