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Why People Are Not Getting Straight Teeth With Invisible Aligners

Why People Are Not Getting Straight Teeth With Invisible Aligners

Over 70% of adults are affected by malocclusion (have crooked teeth) and half of them would consider some sort of orthodontic treatment to improve the alignment of their teeth. However, actually taking the steps towards getting straighter teeth can be difficult, with many issues surrounding cost and practicality. For many, the money they spend on dental treatment will be a considerable part of their earnings or savings, so it’s crucial that you make the right decision.

Before you take the leap into a specific model of dentistry, here’s why many people are unaware of the benefits of invisible aligners. Are you one of them?

Concerns about cost

Aligner treatment for both the upper and lower teeth can cost anything from €2000 to €10,000 in Europe. The high price is in part because the laboratory manufacturing the aligners will need to pay for the production cost involving the use of various machines such as scanners and 3D printers. The dentist overseeing the treatment also has to consider the fees he or she has to cover in their practice, including overheads such as the team’s salaries, the cost of equipment and their own time and expertise.

A dental practice is much like any other business; they’re offering a service that carries considerable costs. Unlike many other services the cost of the equipment used and the expertise needed can be considerable.

People are unaware there’s an alternative

Adult braces are a popular choice, but many reject the idea because they don’t want to wear obvious braces as an adult. Many don’t realise invisible aligners are a much more subtle and wearable option.

As mentioned above because of the high fees involved for the dentists with this method, they tend to recommend other orthodontic options such as clear fixed braces or lingual braces. Often people who have gone to see a dentist for invisible aligners end up receiving a different type of braces.

Lack of time or availability

Not everyone can make a monthly appointment, the work pattern of a flight attendant, model or actor, for example, can lead to a pretty irregular and unpredictable schedule.

In-office braces require regular check-ups and adjustments, which someone who works abroad for periods of time wouldn’t be able to accommodate.

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The solution: Straight Teeth Direct™& Invisible Aligners

By choosing aligners online from Straight Teeth Direct™, you can reduce the cost by 50-70% and pay one fixed price. Depending on the positioning of your teeth and how many aligners you will need, you can either pay in one go or spread the cost and pay just €170 a month. This price includes aligners for both the upper and lower teeth and a set of removable retainers.

The aligners are completely invisible, can be removed during meal times, won’t affect your favourite sport or leisure activities, and fit snugly against your teeth.

Providing you have visited a dentist in the last 6 months and your overall oral health is good, your teeth can be straightened remotely using the Straight Teeth Direct™ at home braces model. The prescription and supervision of your journey to straighter teeth will be done remotely through our app. A dentist will oversee it and you’ll be able to message them back for any updates or advice.

Too busy to get straight teeth the traditional way? Same time and money by getting started with our free e-consultation and get your confidence back with invisible aligners at home. 

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