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Straight Teeth Direct review – my journey to a straighter smile, Jessica

Guest post by Jessica Hornsey, a Straight Teeth Direct user

My teeth straightening journey has been fantastic and here is my honest Straight Teeth Direct review.
I’m a fan of keeping my options open: like many others my age I’m at university, but I also have a translation company and work as a musician, singing and guitar-ing my way through life. I love a big smile, so my teeth are visible 80% of the time, and everyone knows a first impression counts, so in both my translating and musical life I started to feel uncomfortable when I felt my front teeth becoming more and more crowded.
With Straight Teeth Direct, I know I don’t need to worry about years of grey metal being visible while my teeth are adjusted, to everyone else I look the same as ever – even I barely notice the aligners! They don’t even bother me while I’m singing, which was something I was slightly worried about. If you’d like to check out my music page, be my guest!

#1 Getting started: the research process

When my wisdom teeth started coming through last autumn, my already crowded bottom front teeth started hurting and crowding even more.
At 23 years of age, I really didn’t like the idea of metal braces, and other invisible corrections were just too expensive – or so I thought.

Checking with my local dentist

My local dentist offers a similar procedure herself, but it is much more expensive. I did, however, ask her if she would recommend this sort of procedure for my case and if it would be a good choice, both questions she answered with yes. That made me feel more confident about going for invisible aligners, so I did a lot of researching and comparing across various invisible aligner companies and their programmes to find out what was best for me, and I’m so happy it turned out to be Straight Teeth Direct =)

Finding Straight Teeth Direct

That’s when I found Straight Teeth Direct. I sent their customer service a message with some questions and received a lengthy reply almost instantly, which I was really impressed with. But before going for it, I decided to get in touch with some of their other customers to see what their experiences had been like. Once all of my questions had been answered, I found that this was definitely something I wanted to try. And so my journey began!

#2 Straight Teeth Direct review: making good impressions

The impression kit came with great instructions and I took so, so much care when making the impressions – I knew that if I messed up here, any future problems would be my own fault. Being extra careful really paid off, as I found out in the long run.

#3 Straight Teeth Direct review: Receiving the first aligners

About a month after I sent off my impressions, my first aligners arrived: 1a, 1b, 2a, 2b and 3a, 3b. This was also the time my assigned Doctor got in touch to make sure everything was alright and to check the fit of the first aligner via pictures. The fact that the Doctor got back to me so quickly, and that customer service were so efficient in getting information to and from the lab, is such a big comfort – they really are all together a well oiled machine.

#4 Aligner life: how the braces feel

I was a bit apprehensive and worried that the first aligner would hurt a lot, despite all the reviews I had read about it being pretty much pain free. It turned out that they fit great, there was no scratching or rubbing like one would expect from metal braces.
As for other discomfort: with every set of aligners so far, I have only felt some pressure on my teeth for 24-48 hours after switching to the next aligner, which I would class as “slightly annoying” rather than “painful” because it’s unusual, but what else can one expect from teeth being moved? What I did notice, especially in the beginning, was that when I took out the aligners to eat, my teeth would be sensitive to the pressure of biting for about 10 minutes – I’m pretty sure that it’s because they don’t have the support of the plastic and are kind of hanging between their old and new positions. However, I find this inconvenience can be avoided by waiting 10 minutes or so after taking the aligners out before actually eating, and it gets better with time anyway – now I barely notice this.

#5 My 5 month progress with invisible aligners: not what I expected

I’ve been wearing aligners now for about 5 months, each set for 2 weeks, and have just reached the end of set 5b. I would like to be able to give some aligner-by-aligner insight to my journey, but it’s all going so smoothly that I wouldn’t know what so say, I’d be repeating myself. There have been no problems with the fit and I hope that positive trend continues. In fact, their fitting so well makes me constantly need to remind myself about using the chewies, my little rubber friends that help to keep the aligners tight in place. Can that be labelled as a problem? No? Then I guess I’ve really had none.

Here are some pictures to show my dental transformation so far:

I didn’t think there would be a visible difference yet, seeing as there’s still some crowding, but when I compared my starting pictures to those taken now: wow! Even though I’m not even halfway through the entire procedure, visible changes are starting to happen and I’m so happy. Nowadays, we’re used to getting things instantly, whether it’s information, pictures, products or other services – this, however, is a longer process, which makes it all the more satisfying when you see it’s working.

#6 Straight Teeth Direct review: 3 reasons why I recommend them

I have already recommended Straight Teeth Direct to my friends and will certainly continue doing so! I think it’s just an all-round amazing package, but if I had to choose three specific things:
1. Fantastic customer service
2. High quality of all the products
3. “One price fits all” – no matter how many months your treatment will take, the price stays the same!

At this point I’d also like to extend another huge thank you to the entire Straight Teeth Direct team, as they’re always there to respond to questions or help out. For instance, I’ve pretty much chewed both my chewies to death and upon letting customer service know, I was immediately told I’d get some more with my next aligner delivery, no problem at all. And if I did have any complaints, I know the issue would be taken care of quickly, kindly and professionally. We tend to think that if a product is good, we don’t need this sort of contact, but my journey has proven that it’s great customer service that makes me sure of the fact that my money was well spent. Thank you, Straight Teeth Direct!

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