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How Straight Teeth Direct aligners online changed my life

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Guest post by Tiffany, a Straight Teeth Direct user

Hello. I’m Tiff! If you’re doing research looking for braces or aligners online .. you’ve come to the right place!

I’m a senior recruitment consultant for Reed and you have no idea how this has changed my life.
I always felt like people were looking at my teeth when I was talking to them, I have to meet candidates and clients daily and I tried to hide my teeth behind my gums, but now I have so much confidence and I don’t even care if people notice my aligners, in fact I love it when people ask me about it. I honestly smile more and I am happier.

So I’m 50% way through my aligners online treatment and I can’t believe that how good my teeth look now that in the same amount of time they are going to look even better!

So firstly before you continue let’s get the questions I had before I started and queries which I’m sure you’ll have the same..

#1 How the hell does this work without a dentist? … it doesn’t!

A qualified dentist is by your side the whole way! He/she checks your teeth monthly, updates you on progress and gives you advice… you do all this from the comfort of your own home! I love technology!

#2 Do you wear the aligners all the time?

It’s advised you wear them 22 hours a day, this freaked me out at first however if you think you average 30 mins per meal and your brushing time.. it’s about right!
This has actually turned out to help me more than you could know… I’ve stopped snacking, drinking so much coffee (again a brace removal cause they would melt) and helped my oral hygiene as I brush after every meal! My teeth are getting naturally whiter too, no stains and healthy gums and teeth!

#3 Can you see them?

Absolutely not! If I laugh really really hard then you can see the rims! I was embarrassed by this at first however now I literally try my hardest to make people realise I’m wearing my aligners! I love it when people can’t believe I’m wearing braces and even more so I’ve found aligners are really trendy! They are one of the most important things I’ve bought in my life.. show them off!!
I’ve never had a picture taken when you can see them and I can’t help but smile more now!

#4 Does it hurt?

Honestly gradually as you move through your aligners they get tighter and there is a little discomfort but no longer than 24 hours, I’ve found that on brace change day if I take 2 paracetamol and change just before bed, I sleep through the worst, the most discomfort I’ve ever had was for 24 hours, that was 5 months in to my treatment, it really doesn’t hurt, it’s just uncomfortable; I’ve had a metal brace and that was constant pain, this is honestly uncomfortable for the max of 24 hours each brace change and if you keep topped up on parade every 4 hours it’s absolutely fine!

#5 Can you talk properly?

100%! The first day you do have a lisp while your mouth/tongue gets used to it but after that you are good to go for the rest of your treatment!

#6 Progress

#7 Cleaning?

So I used an electric brush for my teeth but I find a manual brush works better on the aligners, they have soft bristles and can reach all areas, I use a tiny drop of toothpaste on the brush and gently scrub inside and out of the brace, I also floss my own teeth after eating as I’ve found as my teeth move food starts to get in different places than I wasn’t used to!

#8 Is this affordable?

Braces at dentists now are classed as a cosmetic procedure, I can confirm that the price I paid with straight teeth direct, £1,350 all inclusive, for top and bottom teeth was nearly the same as I was quoted for only my top teeth with my dentist.

#9 Aligners online – Is there any conflict with your own dentist?

Absolutely not! I have private dental care and they offer aligners, I have regular check ups with my dentist and even though I have chosen straight teeth direct my dentist is supportive as everyone wants the same end goal.. great teeth and a good oral hygiene routine!

#10 Good and bad points of using an aligners online provider

I can honestly say I’ve never experienced such good customer service, there is always someone there to help and there is never a question too big or too small, the team genuinely cares about your teeth journey and are there as little or as much as you need them!

I’ve also won prizes from the company such as there regenerating tooth paste (this now comes free with all new orders I believe!) and I’ve won tea (herbal calming) which was lovely.
There presentation is perfect and I recommend them to everyone I know wanting to achieve their own perfect smile!

I’ve never been able to say this about any company before … I have NO cons.. it’s the best thing I’ve ever done!
If you’re looking to use aligners online then you’re not happy with your teeth and it’s very personal and I honestly feel they understand.

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