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Two jobs, four kids and my new smile | Laura’s guest blog on teeth straightening as a busy single mum

Laura's new smile

Hi everyone! I am Laura and I’m a 27 year old single mum from Essex. Life is busy busy busy for me. I am cabin crew for a very well known UK airline, I run my own beauty business from home and train a large team of others to do the same, all whilst also balancing raising 4 kids too. I know there are others out there in similar situations, so here’s a look into my life with aligners and how I got my new smile…

#1 Why I decided to get my dream smile

Obviously, being a cabin crew, I meet and smile at quite literally hundreds of new people every single day. After having started aligner treatment, I am so much more confident with my new smile. However, the biggest change for me work-wise is in my beauty business. I run this business completely through social media, so I am often uploading photos of myself and the occasional video to advertise the products. I have had a “troll” comment on my teeth before in a pretty brutal way, which really knocked my confidence. I became really self conscious of my teeth, so I started looking into regaining my smile confidence.

My new smile75% into my clear braces treatment.♥️

#2 Discovering invisible aligners and Straight Teeth Direct™ 

I had been looking into invisible aligner treatment with Invisalign, but I couldn’t believe how expensive it was and I absolutely could not justify spending that on myself when I’ve got 4 kids to provide for. I think I must have seen Straight Teeth Direct™ advertised on either Facebook or Instagram and decided this option over others due to cost – this was HUGELY more affordable. But there was also the time factor: I am so busy I barely have the time to do the things I already do, let alone adding in any other appointments like dentist visits. The great thing about Straight Teeth Direct™ is that I get the full monitoring from wherever I am, no matter how busy.

I must admit, first I was really unsure about if this would actually work. It took me a fair few months to actually purchase my SmileBox™ and then a few more weeks to decide to definitely go ahead. I read LOTS of Trustpilot reviews to see what other users were saying about their experience. Always do your research!

aligners for my new smile

#3 Starting my journey towards a new smile with aligners

Honestly – I cannot tell you how EASY the process was and how polite every single person is who I’ve ever spoken to at Straight Teeth Direct™. I quite literally do not have a single bad thing to say about my experience.

After my free e-consultation (where I found out that I was suitable – yay!), I ordered the SmileBox™ home impression kit. The dental impressions were easy enough to take at home and even when I had to do a second set it didn’t cause any delays. All communication back and forth with the support and clinical teams happens through an app, which is really easy to use. Any queries I have had have been answered within a couple of hours, even at weekends.

3rd aligners for my new smile

Onto Aligner 3 we go!

I received my first set of aligners and, for the first 12 hours, I actually found them a bit painful because I wasn’t used to the sensation. I kind of thought omg what have I done! But that first set was the only pain I felt throughout the whole process. All my friends said it would be worth it and they were right! A tip I have for anyone starting out is to change aligners just before going to bed, so you sleep through the adjustment phase overnight. I started doing this and found that by the morning my teeth seemed to have adjusted. Every month I get an email pop in to tell me to login to my app and do my monthly progress review, so Straight Teeth Direct™ can make sure I’m all on track.

#4 What do others say about my aligners and my new smile?

That’s the great thing about these aligners, pretty much no one ever noticed my aligners. The only people who did notice were those who had clear braces themselves, and all my family and friends have said how amazing my smile looks now.

 invisible braces

Can you believe I’m wearing braces here? So glad I chose @straightteethdirect 

At work, I have to do announcements on the plane – and I was worried about having a lisp and my colleagues noticing, but they didn’t. The only time my colleagues realised I was going through teeth straightening treatment at all was when I removed the aligners to eat my dinner, or when I shouted “don’t throw my teeth away” as I left the galley! 

My new smile progress

#5 I wish I’d known this before starting …

My only regret is that I didn’t start sooner. I’d have had this smile 6 months ago if I jumped in when I found them. Just do it!

If you’re starting out on your teeth straightening journey, my tip would be to make sure you take a toothbrush and toothpaste with you wherever you go, or mouthwash for a quick swish before you get a chance to properly brush! Seeing as you do need to clean your teeth after having food, eating becomes a necessity rather than a habit. I also lost weight, probably because you end up evaluating any snack as to whether or not it’s worth having to remove, brush, clean aligners and put them back in again 😉

Another tip for aligner hygiene: I keep my aligners nice and fresh using denture tablets – these are dissolvable tablets and were like £1 for loads.

my new smile almost complete

90% through my braces treatment ?

#6 My final thoughts on teeth straightening with Straight Teeth Direct™

For busy mums, I would highly recommend Straight Teeth Direct™: All from the convenience of your own home and at an amazing price – literally perfect for us! I’ve become so much more confident in my private and professional life, and it really shows. I’m now going LIVE on social media far more often, posting videos, and I’m smiling in photos all the time. I also have to admit that if I’m on video call to anyone, I end up just staring at myself and checking out my teeth because I love my new smile!

confidence with my new smile

Can’t explain the confidence @straightteethdirect have given me. I very rarely smiled in photos ever. ?.


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