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Crooked lower teeth? 5 effortless steps to get them realigned


Are your lower teeth spoiling your smile? Have you noticed that they seem to be getting even more crooked? You’re not alone, millions of people find that their lower teeth move over time, making them out of shape and even more crooked than before.

Smaller jaws can make the lower teeth much more crooked than the upper ones, though some will unfortunately notice crookedness in all their teeth regardless. It’s not just about your upper teeth, the lower teeth play an important part in creating an overall straighter smile and if not dealt with they can twist more and more over time.

Take a look at these smiles

Do any of these images look familiar, do your lower teeth look similar?


Why your teeth became crooked

Our facial muscles squeeze and narrow the lower jaw over time, which ultimately has an affect on the arrangement of the lower teeth. This narrower jaw has less space at the front for your lower teeth to sit next to each other comfortably. Your lower teeth then move backwards and higher up, making them more crooked and uneven than before.

Not only can this cause self-esteem problems and make people extremely unhappy with their smile, crooked lower teeth carry other consequences. They can interfere with chewing and digesting food, it’s harder to keep the teeth clean and floss between them, and it also puts added pressure on teeth that overlap.


The problem here is that the teeth either side are leaning in more, making the jaw narrower. This however can be fixed.

How to get awesome lower teeth 

It used to be that the only solution was to have train track braces fitted to re-straighten your teeth. Now you can use comfortable, invisible removable aligners to straighten them at home.
The aligners work by moving the teeth either side back into their ideal positions thus creating space to allow the lower front teeth to be moved back into position.

Simply follow these steps:

Step 1:
Find out if you are a suitable candidate by completing your free e-consultation.
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Step 2:
If you are a suitable candidate, order your signature SmileBox™ to take your impressions as instructed. You will always be asked for impressions of both your upper and lower teeth to check your bite. In most cases movement is needed on both arches to achieve the results needed.

fix-your-crooked lower teeth-with-the-smilebox-impression-kit

Your impressions are then 3D scanned at the lab. At this stage you will receive a treatment plan showing you how your teeth will look before you commit any further.

Step 3:
You then confirm if you want to go ahead and choose your payment plan.

Step 4:
The lab produces your sets of aligners using 3D technology and a courier delivers them to you in your StraightBox™.

Step 5:
You then wear your custom-fit aligners 22h a day, change them every 2 to 4 weeks and gradually transform your smile.

Adding Those Finishing Touches

To get an even more naturally looking aligned smile, it’s worth considering cosmetic bonding and contouring to perfect the edges of your lower teeth. Cosmetic bonding is non-invasive and adds the chipped parts of the lower teeth back into position, while contouring smoothes out uneven, sharp, and pointed edges. When it comes to the lower jaw, the main benefits of cosmetic bonding include closing the spaces between teeth and smoothing the shapes of teeth. This creates a much more even smile that’s especially noticeable in your lower teeth if they’re at different lengths. These changes can make your smile look 10 years younger 🙂


Unite Your Lower Teeth together

But that’s not it. Once your treatment has finished, you will receive a set of personalised removable retainers to be worn to keep your teeth in place. But it is also recommended to visit a dentist to have a fixed retainer fitted. Bonded to the back of your teeth, this discreet, retainer will stop your teeth from causing you further problems. Alternatively, join our Maintainer Plan to get a fresh set of retainers every year, which will keep your smile on top form.

Have you considered at home aligners to fix your crooked lower teeth? Find out if you could be suitable by getting your free e-consultation today.

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