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The Future Of Orthodontics

The Future of orthodontics

As we entre the digital and mobile age, we welcome a new era in orthodontics. With modern technology transforming so much, introducing so many more possibilities, Straight Teeth Direct™ entre centre stage.  It is now possible for patients to realign their teeth at home, guided and cared for remotely by experienced dentists.  Teledentistry is the future of orthodontics, giving patients control over their smiles in the safest, most convenient way possible.

3D Printing & The Teledentistry Revolution



There are five reasons why 3D printed invisible removable aligners have a huge place in the future of teeth straightening:

1# Clear aligners are at long last available to fit at home, in the office or anywhere the internet is available, via an App on your iPhone or Android smartphone. Just  tap and snap and you are on your way to your diagnosis, new braces, straight teeth and a great smile. Teledentistry makes braces possible and affordable for so many more patients.

2# Just as a home computer was once the sole domain of  the rich, braces were too expensive for a lot of patients who really wanted straight teeth.  With the downward-spiral in cost, the majority of people now have a computer, laptop or tablet, and they are the very people who want a confident, straight smile. Braces are no longer monopolised by high, unaffordable prices, but by reducing the visits to the dentist, we have reduced the costs involved in straightening teeth dramatically.

3# As technology advances,  it is now possible to make accurate models. With the aid of a  high-end 3D printer, with many trailblazing medical applications, models are made from the impressions you send us.   Instead of the old-fashioned plaster cast model dentists and their patients once had to rely on, the dentist now has a perfect digital model of your teeth from which to develop your treatment plan.  With the quality of these fantastic models, you can receive an accurate and detailed prediction of how your teeth will move and how they look after braces, eliminating guesswork.  And all this is done remotely. That is the power of teledentistry.

4# Your clear aligners are made on 3D printed models, ensuring an accurate perfect fit and great results. They are made from the most see-through material available on the market. By comparison with other cheaper materials that many places offer, our  clear aligners are made from a high-performing, rigid engineering material with superior stress retention and crack resistance properties. Only the best will do!

5# Tried and tested, invisible removable aligners have been available to dentists for the past fifteen years.  They have been proved to gently and safely move teeth without risk. With teledentistry we can make a full diagnosis, confirming your teeth are healthy, before you start wearing your bespoke aligners, under the supervision of a dentist. It might seem like rocket science, but nothing is left to chance!

Orthodontics Flashback

Braces have been with us for thousands of years. In our brief history, you can see how orthodontics have developed from the ancient Egyptians with their catgut braces, to the inventions that look more like a torture device of the French revolution. You only have to imagine Victorians with their metal-mouths,  the more recent train tracks  or the early Romans applying constant finger pressure to know how very fortunate we are to live in the age of teledentistry and modern clear aligners.

Straight Teeth Direct - History of Aligners


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