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7 Essential Reasons NOT To Do DIY Braces or Dentistry

7 Essential Reasons Not To Do DIY Braces or Dentistry

Key points:

  • Homemade braces can damage your teeth, gum and jaw bone irreparably.
  • DIY braces came about in a time where teeth straightening was getting so expensive there was a call for cheaper alternatives.
  • With the trend moving on, it is now more than clear that the cost of having to repair the damage far outweighs the gains.
  • There is a great difference between DIY braces and professional remote dentistry with clear aligners. Keep reading to learn all about it!

The DIY braces trend

A few years ago, a digital design student made the headlines for making his own diy braces using a high-end 3D printer. After the success of his experiment, he sensibly declined to print clear braces for his classmates. Why is that? Simply because DIY teeth braces may work terribly badly!

With some companies offering their teeth straightening services at such high prices it was more than understandable that people would look for alternative methods. Braces are widely considered too expensive and out of reach for many patients with crooked smiles so it is no wonder young people have been using unorthodox, unethical, and in some cases illegal methods for DIY teeth straightening.

Often their attempts to straighten their smiles with wires or elastic bands have had disastrous results. Reminiscent of the dark ages when, with the lack of a local dentist, teeth were pulled at home. So there is no surprise that people looking for this type of method would search for “DIY braces gone wrong” before anything else.

What can go wrong with homemade braces?

Homemade braces, diy braces, diy brackets, there are tons of names for it. However, they all have the same effects on your teeth.

DIY braces can…

  • Damage your teeth irreparably;
  • Make you suffer pain, tooth wear, bone damage and even loss of teeth;
  • Damage your gums and jaw bone;
  • Cause you infections;
  • Make it worse by opening more gaps;
  • Make you suffer the emotional trauma of damaging your own smile;
  • Cost you far more than an actual treatment as you’ll need expensive dentistry to save your teeth.

An affordable alternative to DIY braces

There is a world of difference between a diy braces kit and professionally prescribed and produced braces. With the technology advances you can now safely straighten your teeth at home with Straight Teeth Direct clear aligners.

Why might you want to consider this instead?

  • It is NOT DIY teeth straightening;
  • There’s a full diagnosis and treatment plan presented to you;
  • Your treatment is prescribed and overseen by registered dentists;
  • Clear aligners are custom made from the best materials available;
  • These braces work to gently realign your teeth;
  • Invisible braces are far less expensive, without the need of costly appointments.


As with all dental treatment, don’t take risks. 

We are here to facilitate professional teledentistry through a platform, but Straight Teeth Direct is in no way a DIY treatment. Your health and suitability are screened first to see if you qualify, then your clear aligners are custom made by skilled dental professionals who have many years of experience in straightening teeth.

Dentistry should never be approached in a DIY fashion as there are many things that need to be checked and that can go wrong.

DIY Braces FAQs

  • What are DIY Braces?

Also called homemade braces, DIY teeth braces have been a rising trend for a while now. There are quite a few cases around the internet such as a college student that once replicated invisalign braces by printing out his teeth moulds and making plastic clear aligners from it. Some other people have been using rubber bands, wires and even glue!

  • Are DIY Braces safe?

Not at all!

Just take into account the years an orthodontist spends studying in order to be able to safely help you get the smile you always wanted! There’s college, dental school and specialty training after all that! No YouTuber or designer claiming to have a DIY teeth straightening solution has the means nor knowledge to do so. These methods can cause irreparable damage to your teeth and gums. To sum up, DIY braces effects are so bad that they are not safe at all for you.

  • Are mail-order aligners DIY?

There is a huge difference between homemade braces and professional remote dentistry with clear aligners! It takes you a few clicks to find tons of homemade braces online tutorials – using items like elastic bands and wires to straighten teeth. This can really harm your health, as not only will this permanently damage your smile, but wires and other objects can easily lead to infections in your mouth.

At Straight Teeth Direct, we have a dedicated team of dentists and orthodontists who assess your suitability, create a treatment plan unique to you, and monitor every step of your treatment. This means you get first-class quality treatment, all from the comfort of home.

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