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7 Essential Reasons NOT To Do DIY Braces or Dentistry

7 Essential Reasons Not To Do DIY Braces or Dentistry

Although one smart design student made the headlines for making his own braces using a high-end 3D printer, he sensibly declined to print clear braces for his classmates.

Dentistry should not be approached in a DIY fashion as there are many things that need to be checked and that can go wrong. Straight Teeth Direct™ is facilitating professional teledentistry through its platform, not DIY treatment.  Your health and suitability are screened first to see if you qualify, then your braces are custom made to fit by skilled dental professionals who have many years of experience in straightening teeth, and only supplied to suitable patients following a full diagnosis and report including all treatment options. Without the support of a good dentist, don’t try to straighten your teeth and learn the error of your ways the hard way.

Don’t Try This At Home

It is perfectly understandable – everyone wants straight teeth and a beautiful smile but, until now, braces were sometimes considered too expensive and out of reach for many patients with crooked smiles.  It is no wonder young people have been using the unorthodox, unethical, and in some cases illegal methods for do-it –yourself braces promoted on YouTube by teenagers.  Often their attempts to straighten their smiles with wires or elastic bands have had disastrous results, reminiscent of the dark ages when, with the lack of a local dentist, teeth were pulled at home.

With Homemade Braces You Can:

  • Damage your teeth irreparably.
  • Suffer pain, tooth wear, bone damage and even loss of teeth.
  • Damage the gum and jaw bone.
  • Cause infection with foreign objects in your mouth.
  • Instead of closing unsightly gaps, you can make matters far worse with more gaps.
  • Suffer the emotional trauma of damaging your smile.
  • Need expensive dentistry to save your teeth.  Replacing teeth often requires complex and costly dental procedures, which need to be repeated periodically throughout your lifetime.

Alternatively, Try This:

There is a world of difference between homemade braces and professionally prescribed and produced braces you wear at home; between do-it-yourself and do-it-with-a-dentist.  With the aid of an App on your iPhone or Android device,  you can now safely straighten your teeth at home with Straight Teeth Direct™ and clear aligners made especially for you, and you alone, for many good reasons:

  • You are not straightening your teeth by yourself.
  • You will have a full diagnosis and treatment plan. If your problem is too complex, you will be referred to a dentist for fixed appliance.
  • Your treatment is prescribed and overseen by registered dentists.
  • Your at home braces are custom made to fit from the best materials available.
  • Your custom braces will work without force, gently realigning your teeth.
  • Your invisible braces are far less expensive, without the need of costly appointments.

As with all dental treatment, don’t take risks.  Get the help of a good dentist and contact Straight Teeth Direct™. To see if your case is appropriate, start by getting your professional free e-consultation.

Looking for an alternative way to get straight teeth? Stay away from DIY braces and seek professional help.

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