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Top 10 complaints with teeth aligners at home – The Straight Teeth Direct™ Difference

Common Customer Complaints with other aligner at home companies

Table of contents:

#1 Improper screening process – Hopes risen and time wasted

#2 Not advised to see their local dentist for a general checkup

#3 Slow response time to customer queries and complaints 

#4 Pushy marketing strategies 

#5 Delivery delays

#6 Your dental impressions were rejected…but why?

#7 Sharp edges on aligners

#8 Ulcers and sores on gums

#9 Not happy with teeth aligners at home results

#10 Expensive refinements without warning

As with any service, teeth aligners at home also have their downsides. We’ve done some research into the most common customer complaints around aligners at home, and have put together the main issues causing people the most annoyance.

So, here are the top 10 complaints with other aligners at home companies and how we proudly bring you the best service you could get at Straight Teeth Direct™.

#1 Improper screening process – Hopes risen and time wasted

If you’ve been clicking around our site, you’ll have noticed we offer you a free e-consultation. Though this step is free, it’s absolutely essential.

Many users who have experienced other aligner companies, complain that they were not properly evaluated before starting investing in their new smile. Only to find out that this method would not work for them after all. This is a direct result of improper consultation at the very start, which is why we’ve created our unique e-consultation process.

Initial evaluation - Straight Teeth Direct

After your free initial evaluation, an experienced dentist is then able to screen your case and tell you if it will work for you, ensuring it is safe and appropriate before you move on to any paid service.


#2 Not advised to see their local dentist for a general checkup

Although dentists monitor your teeth straightening process all the way, your regular dentist visits to check for cavities and gum problems are still essential.

In our research, we’ve come to realise that other aligner companies still don’t reinforce the importance of a dental checkup before starting any orthodontic treatment. 

That’s why we make sure to ask for your most recent x-rays and gum scores during the SmileBox™ phase. This means having visited a dentist within the last 6 to 12 months to confirm you’re dentally healthy. The x-ray also allows your assigned digital orthodontist to assess the condition of your roots, ensuring maximum safety throughout your treatment. 


#3 Slow response time to customer queries and complaints 

Online services usually deal with queries and questions too slowly. At home aligner companies cannot afford to slack in this area, as reassurance and competence are everything when it comes to teeth straightening.

We’ve found that standard emailing systems are suboptimal for quick, reliable replies, which is why we’ve created the Straight Teeth Direct™ App. Our app allows us to connect users directly to their assigned dentist and support team. This allows for much faster response times, giving you the expert reassurance you require and deserve. You also have access to all your records, saved documents, photo uploads and entire message history at all times.


#4 Pushy marketing strategies

Nobody likes being cornered by salespeople, or pressured into buying a product. Unfortunately, a handful of teeth aligners at home companies are doing just that, without much regard for their users’ individual needs, expectations, or even suitability. As per complaint #1, many feel they are not adequately screened before proceeding with the next steps towards their dream smile. They do proceed anyway though! Which is often a direct result of pushy sales strategies operating on a one-size-fits-most mentality. The importance of treating each user’s smile as unique cannot be emphasised enough.

For this reason, we encourage everyone to understand their individual options and expectations based on their suitability and limitations! If someone isn’t 100% suitable for at home teeth straightening, we will inform them and explain that their needs would be better met through a different solution. The best way for us to help you achieve your smile goals is through honest, results-driven advice, not by pushing you into buying a service that won’t serve you.


#5 Delivery delays & locations

Another issue seems to be that delivery estimates are inconsistent with actual delivery dates. While we cannot confirm that other aligner at home companies opt for express shipping, we heard the complaint and decided to address it!

At Straight Teeth Direct™, all is sent through the DHL express shipping service – or equivalent courier services. This gives you the peace of mind that your package is on the quickest way to you, all trackable from the comfort of your own home. We also keep you updated on your journey’s progress via your secure app account, and guide you through every step of the way.

Your aligners are produced in our own lab in the UK, meaning those based in Europe receive them much faster and with no delivery issues compared to all other European based aligner companies. This is mainly due to them outsourcing their production (often in the USA or China).

In-house production & packaging of teeth aligners

#6 Your dental impressions were rejected…but why?

When making dental impressions at home, it’s understandable that every now and again they might not end up exactly the way they should. Did you know that even dentists need to repeat the impression process sometimes? People have complained that their impressions were rejected. But no one gave them a reason why or clear guidelines on how to correct this the second time around.

Rejected at home dental impressions

At Straight Teeth Direct™, you’ll receive personalised guidance from a dentist via your app account after your first impression attempts. Simply take the first two impressions (1 upper arch, 1 lower arch), send a picture through the app, and your assigned dentist will get back to you with feedback. At this point, you will be guided on how to improve the impressions if need be.

Additionally, you’re covered by our unique Impressions Guarantee. This means that, if you should need a second go at making your dental impressions, we’ll send you a custom impression kit with precise guidelines for you – free of charge.

Everyone’s dental structure is different, and you may just need slightly smaller or larger trays to get the impression right. 


#7 Sharp edges on aligners

Even though aligners are, by default, less irritating to your gums than braces, if they have not been finished properly, sharp edges can cause some discomfort and, in extreme cases, lead towards sores and ulcers. This happens when the situation isn’t dealt with in the right way.

Producing all aligners at our very own lab, using the best materials, as well as filing and polishing every pair of aligners by hand, allows us to minimise the chances of uneven or sharp edges irritating your mouth. Additionally, every StraightBox™ comes with a small file, so that you can carefully file down any edges in case you still feel any discomfort.

One of the problems with outsourcing to one or more aligner production facilities, which all other at home aligner companies need to do, is that you have no control over the process or the consistency of product quality, leaving room for errors.


#8 Ulcers and sore gums

As mentioned in #7, sharp edges on aligners can lead to small cuts in your mouth, which may promote ulcers and sores if not handled right, while some people just have sensitive gums in general. There are multiple factors to consider here, such as general oral hygiene, specifically when using aligners. Are you brushing as often and the way you should? Are you flossing regularly? Do you brush and floss too aggressively? Do you use a proper cleaning agent for your aligners from time to time? All of these can have an influence on the development of gum irritation. 

Unfortunately, other companies do not provide enough information on matters that don’t immediately concern the treatment process. We know that successful teeth straightening doesn’t start and end with wearing aligners – there is much more to it. That’s why we started the Straight Teeth Direct Blog and YouTube channel. In them you’ll find tons of helpful information on all things teeth straightening, so that you’re well informed and can approach your treatment in the safest, most holistic way possible.


#9 Not happy with teeth aligners at home results

Now, let’s talk about the end result. Cosmetic orthodontics is all about achieving your individual best smile. No two results will ever be the same. Unfortunately, this is falsely advertised by most aligner companies. Consequently, users end up disappointed because their results weren’t the same as “the girl in the advertisement”. 

That’s why we’ve put in place as many measures as we could think of to ensure you know exactly what your results will be before even spending a dime on your aligners.

With your SmileBox™ impression kit, you will also receive a fully detailed orthodontic report, the Straight Teeth Plan. It describes your current dental situation with a comprehensive diagnosis and expectations, as well as the steps necessary to achieve your individually optimum smile. Most other companies use the term “treatment plan”, but in fact refer to only a 3D smile simulation video. As leading experts in the field, we know this is not enough.

But worry no more! Your comprehensive report from Straight Teeth Direct™ comes with a 3D simulation. In it you’ll see a predicted transformation of your smile, as well as your guaranteed results.

To wrap things up, this leads us to the last point…


#10 Expensive refinements without warning

Sometimes, due to our individual biological dental structure, one or more teeth may be less inclined to move as planned. This isn’t a problem, it just requires a bit of tweaking to the initial treatment plan and a few extra aligners – or refinements.

Other aligner companies typically charge up to £400 or even more for refinements. At Straight Teeth Direct™ you’ll receive any additionally required aligners free of charge as part of your Results Agreement Guarantee. That means you are guaranteed to achieve your smile goals with no hidden costs.

How do we do that? As the production is done in house, we have better control, and ship in stages rather than all in one go based on your treatment progress. Yes! Your treatment is fully monitored and tracked by our dental professionals every step of the way so adjustments can be made if necessary, at no extra cost to you. 

As you can see, it takes a lot of attention to detail and constant innovation to stay on top of our users’ needs, and to provide the teeth straightening experience you deserve! 

Curious to know if at-home aligners would work for you? Create a free Straight Teeth Direct account to explore this option further and get confirmation from one of our dentists on your suitability in less than 24 hours.

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