Upload 5 clear photos of your teeth and answer the simple dental quiz to receive your free professional evaluation + a bonus demo video for a virtual tour of the entire process.



[Home Impression Kit – 47€]

Receive a kit to take your impressions from the comfort of your home using simple to follow instructions; send back your moulds to the lab in your prepaid return envelope. You’ll be given medical history forms to fill out at this stage and have the option to share your recent dental records (x-rays and gum scores), so your assigned orthodontist can see all your info when prescribing your treatment remotely.

Your Straight Teeth Plan

Your impressions will be used to create a 3D simulation of your new smile with straight teeth so you can choose to commit further and order the aligners only if you are 100% happy with the predicted results. Your virtual before/after will be presented in your Straight Teeth Plan, prepared by your assigned dentist, together with your treatment time and recommendations.


[Teeth Straightening Kit – 1,500€]

Once you choose your payment option (upfront or one of the 2 plans with no credit checks required), your first sets of aligners and your starter kit will be delivered to you. You’ll receive the aligners in batches so that your progress can be monitored throughout the treatment by your assigned dentist and you can be confident in getting the results you expected.


Aligner production

Our partner lab will work to manufacture your custom aligners using advanced software and precise machinery. Your digital teeth moulds are 3D printed and a clear material sheet is pressure formed onto the model to create a perfect fit aligner. These are then trimmed and hand finished individually to ensure maximum clarity and comfort so that you can gently straighten your smile without impacting on your social life.

Professional results at home

You then wear the custom aligners 22h a day, taking them out only to eat and brush your teeth. You alternate between soft and hard aligners every 2 weeks for extra comfort and better results to gradually straighten your smile.

Start seeing results in 90 days!
(Average treatment 5-9 months)

With a unique and predictable monitoring system and access to your orthodontist on demand, you’ll know you’re on track and be able to see how much progress you’ve achieved every month through your percentage tracker. For that your only job will be to send photos of your teeth every month so they can be compared with the 3D model for that stage.

Upgrade & Maintain your
new smile

After revealing your new smile, you’ll be sent a set of removable retainers to make sure your teeth stay in their new gorgeous positions.

You’ll also have the option to upgrade to dentist prescribed whitening and receive a professional kit at home, using a gel and your custom retainers to achieve the shade of your dreams.

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