• What is Straight Teeth Direct™?

    Straight Teeth Direct™ is a platform that connects you to a licensed dentist for cosmetic teeth straightening at home.  It starts with a free instant online assessment to check if this solution is adapted to your dental situation. After that you receive a kit to take your teeth impressions at home and then when you decide to go ahead you receive a series of custom made invisible aligners to wear and change every 2 weeks until you achieve your smile goals.  Make sure to check out the how it works page to view the process in steps.

  • Where are you based? I have a questions about shipping.

    We’re based across Europe and ship pretty much everywhere with the exception of USA and Spain.

    Make sure to visit the shipping page for all info shipping FAQs.

    If your country isn’t mentioned make sure to leave your state and email address below on that page so we can let you know if we already ship or planning on any soon.

  • How do I know if it’ll work for me?

    First you start by submitting photos of your teeth and answer a few questions about your dental health for your free Smile Diagnostic. Your details will be professionally reviewed and you’ll receive an answer on the same day. This evaluation is 100% obligation free and acts as your suitability guarantee.

    To get started with your free virtual orthodontic consultation simply visit the online app (you can use any smartphone, tablet or computer and don’t need to download anything) or download the ‘Straight Teeth Direct’ app on the App Store (currently being updated).

    There is a bonus acceptance video for a virtual tour of the entire process for those suitable.

  • What are the eligibility criteria?

    This solution was designed for time savvy cosmetic conscious adults (over 16) who have crooked teeth, gaps or narrow arches they’d like to improve.  All the teeth you want to move are natural and permanent and you have a good oral health. In this article you can see exactly who it is for and who it is not for (like your grandma probably). And here you can learn how to get ready and dentally healthy before getting started with cosmetic teeth straightening at home.

    The best is to always send off your photos and goals here so they can be individually assessed and you can know for sure if this is a solution that is adapted to you or not.


  • Does it work if I have an overbite?

    Smart cosmetic teeth straightening can also be used to improve cases of overbites. You can read all about clear aligners and overbite in this article.

  • Do you have to see a dentist first?

    The process is done remotely so you don’t need to physically visit a dentist (unless you’re in an area where we provide the Hybrid model that involves 1 visit to the dentist). You’ll be recommended to have seen your regular dentist for an exam in the last 6 months and have the option to share your dental records (x-rays and gum scores).

    You’ll be assigned to an orthodontist who will prescribe and supervise your treatment remotely. It’s super convenient, all the reviews are done through the app on your computer or smartphone. You can learn more about the process on the how it works page.

    With this innovative model, your orthodontist works closely with the technicians programming your case at the lab so you get better answers faster and more concrete insights into your progress through your percentage tracker. It’s all explained here: www.straightteethdirect.com/aligner-monitoring-home-clinic/

  • Do you offer retainers at the end of the treatment?

    Yes your Straight Teeth Direct™ package includes a complimentary set of removable retainers (worth 200€) at the end of the treatment to make sure your teeth stay in their new straighter position.

    And you have the option to join the Platinum Membership at the end to keep receiving new fresh retainers every year automatically and protect your investment for only 99€ a year.

  • Where can I see reviews from your customers?

    You can read genuine customer reviews, before/after, photos and videos posted by our users here: www.straightteethdirect.com/reviews

    You can also find more impartial reviews on TrustPilot here

  • What if I need IPR, how much would that be?

    The cases are programmed without IPR, so if your case is accepted after the free assessment you won’t require IPR. In this article we’ve explained why with the advanced aligner technology used at Straight Teeth Direct™ your teeth will be moved by expanding your arch without the need for clinical visits.

  • Will it work without attachments/dots on the teeth?

    With this solution you won’t need attachments either. They are used for cases supervised in office to achieve more dramatic movements like pulling teeth down or extreme teeth rotations. With this cosmetic teeth straightening at home method the movement is done by expanding the arch. If your Smile Diagnostic results say that you are suitable then you know for sure you won’t need attachment.

    Here’s an other article where you can learn more: www.straightteethdirect.com/braces-movement-aligners-fixed-braces

  • What about the X-rays and BPE gum scores?

    You’ll be given the option to upload a copy of your dental records right after you order your SmileBox™. If you’ve already visited your dentist in the last 6 month for a routine check up then you can contact them to ask for a copy of your records. If not you can book a routine dental exam with your local dentist and ask them to take an OPG x-ray of your teeth (if they don’t have the machine small x-rays should be fine too) and check your gum level. The x-ray is to verify that you have no issues with your jaw or teeth roots, and for your assigned dentist to have a proper view of that to be able to prescribe your treatment remotely. The BPE gum scores check for the presence of gum disease. In this article you’ll be able to read more about preparing yourself for cosmetic teeth straightening at home and what are the recommendations.

    You can also read more about x-rays and understand why it’s an option and not mandatory as long as you know your teeth and gums are healthy: www.straightteethdirect.com/orthodontic-x-rays-before-braces

  • How long will it take?

    Treatment wise it’ll depend on the position of your teeth and your smile goals but the treatment average with our method is 5 to 9 months and you’ll start seeing results in as little as 90 days!

    You’ll know in your Straight Teeth Plan how long your predicted treatment before you decide to commit further.

    Process wise, it depends on how responsive you are but all in all the process of getting started can take as little as a month; you could get your first sets of aligners 4 to 6 weeks after sending off your photos, which is quicker than if you were going via a clinic.

  • Will the aligners fit in my mouth?

    Yes! The aligners are custom made using precise 3D technology to fit your mouth and embrace the shape of your teeth to slowly move them into their new straighter position.

  • What’s included in the SmileBox™?

    You’ll receive all you need to take impressions of your teeth: gloves, impression putty to mix, a number of trays so you can take a few impressions in case the first one wasn’t good enough, a manual showing you step by step how to do it and a prepaid return envelope to send your impressions back. The cost of the SmileBox™ also covers your 3D smile simulation and personalised orthodontic report prepared by your assigned dentist. This stage is to make sure you are 100% happy with the results before you get started and commit further.

    Make sure to check our Youtube channel for the SmileBox™unboxing video.

  • Do I have a guarantee it will work?

    Absolutely! We’re so confident that we developed the most advanced cosmetic teeth straightening method at home that we are the only aligner brand in the world to guarantee results or your money back. We even have a guarantee before you order anything:

    1. Evaluation & Impression Guarantee
    2. Lost/Broken Aligner – Replacement Guarantee
    3. 3.100% Results Guaranteed or Money Back
    4. 4.Straight Teeth For Life Guarantee

    You can get all the details on the Guarantee Page.

  • Do I put my health at risk if I use this teeth straightening kit?

    No, after answering the initial SmileQuiz™ for your Smile Diagnostic, forwarding a copy of your recent  x-rays and BPE gum scores from your dentist, and complete the online medical forms, a thorough check will be done and only candidates that are suitable with good oral health will be able to start the treatment. Those who are not dentally fit or those who have tooth decay, gum disease or implants / crowns / bridges / veneers on front teeth will not be suitable and be recommended to visit their own or one of the dentists in our network. The whole Straight Teeth Direct™ experience has been designed around your safety and security.

    Here’s an article with insights into what can go wrong with braces in clinic vs. aligners at home: www.straightteethdirect.com/wrong-mail-order-braces

  • What material are the aligners made from?

    They are made using the most transparent medically graded BPA free resin from Germany to ensure clearness and stain resistance. They are also hand finished to ensure superior comfort.

  • Where are the aligners produced?

    Your aligners are designed and manufactured in Europe (UK) – and delivered straight to you. With Straight Teeth Direct™ you don’t have to choose between quality and price, you receive the professional experience and highest quality aligners available on the market at a fraction of the cost.

    We’ve partnered with an experienced and certified laboratory. We are working together with our supplier on hardware innovations to bring aligners that are superiorly comfortable and allow new movements remotely to ensure the very best quality and results for your smile.

  • How can I get started?

    The first step is a free instant online assessment. To get started simply go to the app on www.app.straightteethdirect.com or download the “Straight Teeth Direct” app on your Iphone; you’ll be asked to submit 5 photos of your teeth and answer some simple questions; this stage is free and you can ask all your questions after getting the results, it’s like a virtual free consultation with no obligation. This is to check if aligners at home are adapted to your dental situation.

  • What sets Straight Teeth Direct™ apart?

    Here’re 6 reasons why our company is unique:

    1) We are results oriented and the only aligner brand in the world to guarantee results or money back (you won’t get charged extra like 99€ per aligner during treatment for lost or broken aligners as one of the benefits)
    Check the Straight Teeth Guarantee here

    2) This custom solution is brought to you by industry experts (dentists and dental technicians who don’t cut corners):
    Check the incredible team behind here

    3) We’ve innovated to bring aligners that are effective remotely without the need for tooth filing (IPR) and that are superiorly comfortable with the soft and hard aligner technology.
    See how it works here

    4) We don’t just ship aligners in the post, the whole treatment is supervised and monitored by an orthodontist using the AIM (Aligner Intelligent Monitoring) technology and you have progress reviews every month so you know you’re on track.
    Read more about it here & about monitoring here

    5) We don’t work with influencers, all the reviews you’ll find are from genuine customers; and get highly praised for our onpoint customer service.

    Through your own password protected account you can access your records and conversations history anytime, which also means you get faster and more accurate answers.
    Read more customer reviews here

    6) We’re the only company to offer payment plans without the need for a credit check meaning everybody is eligible to spread the cost.
    View the payment options here

    Take a look at the Straight Teeth Blog and the Straight Teeth TV channel and you’ll be able to have a better feel for our brand, our company ethos and what we stand for 😉

  • How is Straight Teeth Direct™ different from other brands of aligners?

    This dentist endorsed solution was designed for busy people who don’t have time to spend going and waiting at the dental clinic every month; instead all interactions with the orthodontist are done through the app at a time that is convenient to you.

    It is also significantly cheaper than the leading brands, in average 50 to 70% less depending on the country. For more insights into why some braces can cost 9,000€ when other only cost 1,500€ check this article.

    You also don’t have to run around to get the best quote, you know exactly what to expect upfront with our fixed price and can choose one of the 3 easy payment options. We do not ask for credit checks which means everybody is eligible to spread the cost.

    But don’t worry you don’t have to compromise on quality, the aligners are of the highest quality and have been designed to deliver professional results at home.

  • What sets you apart from other direct to consumer aligner brands?

    Straight Teeth Direct™ is a teledentistry platform that offers a home alternative through an integrated app and continued supervision by a licensed dentist.

    Every single initial free assessment is reviewed individually by a dental professional and your results are based on the study of your photos and quiz answers, not everybody will be sent a SmileBox™ (impression kit), only those deemed suitable.

    It’s not just aligners in the post, this is tele-supervised cosmetic teeth straightening, your aligners will be sent in stages so that your progress can be verified throughout and you can feel confident in your treatment success.

    You’ll receive ongoing support during the entire duration of your treatment; you’ll be asked to send photos of your teeth every month so that they can be compared with your 3D model for that stage and you’ll be able to see your progress through your own percentage tracker on your app account. Learn more about this unique tele-monitoring system.

    We have screened and chosen the most experienced and forward thinking orthodontists in Europe to prescribe and monitor your treatment.

    With our partnership with the lab and continued aligner innovation we come up with aligners that are superiorly comfortable, effective and clearer and designed specially to move teeth remotely.

    You are guaranteed results or your money back! In fact you have 4 guarantees.

    We are 100% focused on delivering the best results and experience. You’ll receive personalised attention from our dental and customer care teams and round the clock support.

    The best is probably for you to hear it directly from our users 🙂


  • How can i get a quote

    The good news here is that you don’t need to wonder how much you’ll be paying, the price is fixed and 1,500€ for all cases or equivalent in other currencies (or one of the payment plans) 🙂 You know exactly what to expect before ordering anything and won’t have any surprises.

    Here’s a great article with tips on how to compare braces quotes, you’ll find some insights you won’t read anywhere else: http://www.straightteethdirect.com/braces-cost-europe/

  • How much is it if i'm not paying in euros

    The orders are processed in Euros so if you’re outside the Euro zone you’ll pay the equivalent in your currency on the day of the transaction. To find out today’s rate make sure to use the info button “currency guide” that you can find throughout the page above.

  • Can i spread the cost

    Yes! In fact we have 2 in house payment plans. These don’t require a credit check so it means everybody is eligible to spread the cost. They are set up with the app payment processor Stripe, using your card when placing your order on the app. You will have 2 options:

    399€ on the day you order the aligners + 170€ for 8 months thereafter.

    Or 550€ on the day you order the aligners + 550€ 2 months later and 550€ another 2 months later.

  • Can i pay less per month

    All the payment plans are set up automatically through the app so the amount or duration cannot be changed, but the payment plans are credit check free meaning you know for sure you’re eligible to spread the cost and it won’t affect your credit history.


  • How does the UK finance plan work

    If you’re a UK resident over 18 years old with an income equivalent or higher than £15,000/year you’ll also have another option on finance which works with an online credit check.
    Once you receive your plan after sending back your impressions simply let us know you’re interested and we’ll send you the instructions; this is how it works:

    Deposit: £180
    +£38.85/month x 36 months
    Total: £1578

    If the application is declined you’ll receive your £180 back straight away and will have the option to choose one of the in house credit check free plan instead.

  • How are payments done

    All payments are made through your secure account and operated by the safe payment app processor Stripe. Most cards are accepted (Visa, Mastercard, American Express…). We don’t store your details and if you choose a payment plan it’ll be automatically set up at check out as a subscription and taken on your card when due. If you choose one of the 2 payment plans you won’t be asked for a credit check which means you know for sure you’ll be eligible to spread the cost 🙂

    In the case you don’t have a credit or debit card because you’re in the Netherlands for example we can send you a Paypal invoice if you pay in one go.

  • How much is it if i only need my top or bottom teeth done

    Pretty much all cases are programmed to move both upper and lower teeth together.

    Unlike other clinics we don’t charge per arch, you get everything you need to achieve your smile goals (impressions for both top and bottom for your smile simulation and treatment plan, all shipping cost, all the reviews with your assigned dentist during the treatment and all the care and attention needed 🙂 )

    In this article you’ll understand why in most cases the treatment is programmed to make small movements to both top and bottom at the same time to end up with good results and a balanced smile otherwise your teeth may not fit together properly.

    This could mean you only need a few aligners only one one arch and more on the other. All this will be explained in your Straight Teeth Plan together with your smile simulation.

    To find out your specific recommendations simply share photos of your teeth and answer the simple dental questionnaire for your free Smile Diagnostic here.

  • How much is shipping to me and back to you

    The good news is shipping is free! We cover all cost to and from you expect import duties if any.

    Make sure to visit the shipping page for all information and frequently asked questions.

  • What if i need more aligners during the treatment

    The price is fixed (with no hidden costs) so you know exactly what to expect upfront and all aligners needed for your treatment are included in your package.

    Make sure to take a look at the guarantees, we also won’t charge you extra, like other brands do, if you lose or break aligners during the course of your treatment, all we care about is for you to achieve the right results.

  • If i pay in one go will i recieve my aligners in one go

    To allow the best results possible the aligners are sent in stages independently of the payment plan you choose; you’ll be asked to send photos of your teeth every month through your app account and based on your progress, your assigned dentist will instruct the lab to produce the next sets.

    Here you can learn more about our unique AIM (aligner intelligent monitoring) program: But don’t worry you won’t receive a new parcel every month, if your treatment is programmed over 6 months for example, you should receive them in 3 batches.

    We use this system to avoid lengthening your treatment at the end, like many other aligner brands do, with this monitoring system we make sure you are on track and achieve your goals as planned in your smile simulation.


  • When do I need to wear the aligners and how long each?

    The recommendation is 22h a day for 2 weeks each, only taking them out to eat and brush your teeth. But in some cases your orthodontist might allow you to wear them slightly less a day for a longer period of time to make sure the movement is achieved for that stage.

  • What happens if it takes longer to straighten my teeth?

    The aligners are sent in stages so that your assigned dentist can monitor your progress. If you have been wearing your aligners as told but a course of aligners has gone off track then your assigned dentist can bring your case back on track and order what is called “refinement or midcourse corrections”. You can read more about aligner monitoring in this article. Don’t worry if more aligners are needed or your treatment takes a bit longer than originally planned, everything is included in your treatment cost. We guarantee you end up with a result you are delighted with and a big smile on your face 🙂


  • I have already got started and have a burning questions.

    Please contact us through your password protected account where all your conversations are saved or via email so you can receive quick and accurate answers. The website live chat is here to help new visitors find their way and get started.

  • I cannot login into my account

    If you’re getting and error message when you are trying to login this could be because you have not clicked the initial activation link in your emails or you have not logged in for a while.

    To access your account simply:

    1. Visit this link: www.app.straightteethdirect.com/login
    2. Click “forgot password” and follow the instructions
    3. Click the new link emailed over and then choose a new password to access your account.

    Make sure to check your email preference and that you get all incoming emails from hello(at)straightteethdirect(dot)com, sometimes depending on your personal settings they could go to your promotion or spam folder.

    If you have any issues feel free to email us or reach us through the contact form.

  • I have issues uploading my x-rays

    Make sure you’re using the latest version of the app by logging in using this link: www.app.straightteethdirect.com/login

    Then make sure you upload 2 photos, if you only have 1 use it twice then you should be able to go to the next screen.

  • I have issues uploading photos

    While we are upgrading our IOS app and working an Android version, to access the latest version of the app make sure to use this link www.app.straightteethdirect.com/login from any phone or computer using your email and password without downloading anything on your Iphone; this is where you’ll have access to the latest features and app improvements.

  • How can I refer someone, where do I find my referral code?

    Once you order your SmileBox™ [impression kit] you’ll unlock your unique app referral code.

    Anybody who uses your referral code at checkout will get 7€ off their own SmileBox™ and you’ll receive 20€ Asos or Amazon vouchers as a thank you for inviting them.

    There is no limit in the number of people you can refer! After your first 2 referrals you’ll join the exclusive Straight Teeth Circle and cash even more amazing gifts.

  • Where do I enter my friend's referral code?

    When you submit your photos and answers to find out if you are suitable for professional cosmetic teeth straightening at home, you’ll be asked “how you heard about us” on the registration page. Select “friend” and enter the referral code they’ve given you in the box next to it.

    As an invitation gift you’ll get a discount of 7€ on your SmileBox™ [home impression kit].


More questions? Contact us