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Teeth alignment at home or with a local dentist?

Teeth alignment at home Vs with your local dentist

Key points

  • Teeth alignment is possible both at home and at your local dental clinic.
  • The main differences between at-home and in-clinic treatments are the price point, your interaction with the dentist (virtual or face-to-face), and the invasiveness of complementary treatment options.
  • When choosing between the two options, consider the following factors: Are you prepared to attend multiple dentist visits? Is aftercare included? Are refinements included in the price? Would you rather opt for non-invasive treatment or are you comfortable with making more permanent changes to your teeth?

Differences between teeth alignment at-home and in-clinic

Some enjoy the flexibility and convenience that professional at-home teeth straightening treatment offers them, while others prefer the reassurance of face-to-face visits with their trusted local dentist. Both are safe and effective ways to achieve your dream smile, but what are the differences?

Straight teeth direct Vs Virtuoso Aligners

teeth alignment options

Virtuoso hybrid model Straight Teeth Direct remote model
Treatment Hybrid model combining face-to-face visits with continuous online support (subject to opening hours, 3-5 clinic visits). Fully remote treatment with virtual monitoring (monthly) and support (access to full support team).
Monitoring method In-app upload of pictures and videos for your dentist to verify your treatment progress (no awkward video calls) & a few in-clinic visits. In-app upload of pictures and videos for your dentist to verify your treatment progress (no awkward video calls).
Price Up to 50% more affordable than other clinic options (like Invisalign or fixed braces). Up to 70% more affordable than exclusively in-clinic options (like Invisalign or fixed braces).
Invasiveness Minimally invasive, cosmetic orthodontic treatment with options of complementary procedures to further enhance your smile. Non-invasive, cosmetic orthodontic treatment with the option of whitening. 
Case complexity Mild, moderate and complex cases. Mild to moderate cases.
Locations Dental clinics across the UK and Ireland and other international locations. Available anywhere (check shipping scope).

How do I choose between hybrid or remote treatment?

Before seriously considering any specific teeth alignment options out there, it’s important for you to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Does the treatment cover all aligners necessary to achieve your results (such as refinement aligners), or are only a certain number of aligners included?
  • Does the price include retention after treatment?
  • Are any guarantees in place to protect your smile journey?
  • What is the full treatment price, all things considered?
  • Are payment plans available to you and can you apply for them?
  • What kind of support does the treatment include? Are you happy receiving comprehensive digital support and monitoring, or would you rather attend in-clinic face-to-face appointments with your local dentist?                                                                                                     
  • Is there an aftercare plan you can join to maintain your smile for life?

Last but not least, it’s important to have clear treatment outcome expectations in mind: are you looking for cosmetic improvement to create a naturally straight smile, or are you looking for perfect symmetry? Make sure the options you are considering can give you the results you’re seeking!

Which teeth alignment model is best for me? Final thoughts!

As always: the answer depends on what you want and need.

If you have a busy lifestyle with little time for regular dentist appointments, enjoy using direct delivery options where possible, and want to achieve a naturally straight smile, then the professional, fully remote treatment model would likely be best suited to you. 

If you have time to complete a few in-clinic visits, are happy to receive virtual monitoring, and perhaps want to take your smile to the next level with more invasive complementary procedures aside from straightening with aligners, the hybrid Virtuoso model might be the ideal fit for you.

The table above will help you get a clearer picture of your options, as well as what it is you want and which model is best suited. If you are still unsure and would like to dive a little deeper before making an informed decision, feel free to check out the resources on our blog and YouTube channel, or send us a message through your app’s message tab.

Make sure to ask yourself the right questions! It will help you make the right choice to suit your budget, lifestyle and smile needs 🙂

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