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Surprising my local dentist | how I got straight teeth from home!

straight teeth from home Marta guest blog

Guest post by Marta Lentner, a Straight Teeth Direct™ user who got straight teeth from home.

I’m Marta, and I am the owner of FIT MODE by Marta Lentner and Total Wellness Coach.

In everyday life I teach fitness classes train online and in person clients so as you can imagine I talk to people all day and confident smile is very important to me. I have such a busy schedule, so getting straight teeth from home was the best option for me as I have no time for frequent clinic visits.

I came across Straight Teeth Direct™ through Instagram – while I had looked into the topic of teeth straightening few good times in my life, it was always too long of a process.

Lack of time for frequent visits to the orthodontist and the price deterred me. I did find other online offers for straight teeth from home, but Straight Teeth Direct™ had the best offer for the best price plus communication was very pleasant.

Straight teeth from home: was this going to work for me?

I was shopping around and went to 3 different orthodontist to seek opinions and their offers. First, they all told me an online option won’t work for me, and that they can offer guaranteed results in 2 years of wearing braces for double the price.

I thought to myself that I had waited long enough to try it, and that if Straight Teeth Direct™ accepted me and guaranteed straight teeth from home with no hidden costs, I had nothing to lose other than 10 months to see if it would work for me or not. If it didn’t, I could always get my money back and go old way through metal braces.

Aligner life: How they feel and how they’re used

I wear my aligners every day and every night. I only take them out to eat and drink or brush my teeth. During the first week I was getting used to them for 4 days and felt pressure on my teeth, but with every next set of aligners the time was shorter and shorter now when I change them I only feel pressure for few hours and I actually miss the feeling, as it’s like feeling of getting results.

The process: Free e-consultation, SmileBox™ impression kit, treatment plan and aligner monitoring

The process through all the stages was really smooth it was very easy. The customer service is absolutely perfect. They are always there for you and trying to help. Once I was going away for a few weeks and was waiting for my next parcel of aligners. I contacted customer service to ask if they could check on my next delivery so I wouldn’t have to wait an extra week in old aligners while I was away. They went out of their way to make sure I received the parcel on time. I didn’t expect such great care, I was really pleased with it.

Progress of getting straight teeth from home

Marta before and after review with clear aligners

What do friends, family and clients say about the aligners?

Most of my clients, friends and family couldn’t tell the difference with my speaking or look of my teeth when I had them on. The aligners are very clear and they actually make your teeth look whiter if you keep them clean which I absolutely love.

Tips and Tricks for newcomers to Straight Teeth Direct™

Don’t hesitate! It was the best decision I could make and it only took me 10 months to fix something I struggled with all my life and thought was too late for me to take care of. Two years in metal braces was always scaring me, especially with pain involved inside your mouth and on your cheeks.

I still can’t believe it…

Something very interesting I have to mention is that my dentist couldn’t believe the results and how amazing the change was in such a short time. Plus I am getting a lot of compliments about my teeth now, the part of me I was always trying to hide. Life changing! Thank you, Straight Teeth Direct™!

Wondering if you could also get straight teeth from home? Find out today with your free e-consultation! Like Marta said, you really have nothing to lose.


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