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Future proof your smile with the Regenerate Advanced Toothpaste

Regenerate™ joining Straight Teeth Direct™ to upgrade your smile

Do you have sensitive teeth? Have you been avoiding certain foods due to dental pain? These might be signs of enamel erosion, and as dental-health-enthusiasts, we feel you deserve a solution – and so do Regenerate™!

Enamel and Dental Care

For most of us, enamel isn’t a word that we use on a daily basis. Dental care on the other hand, should be more self-explanatory. However, there still seems to be some confusion on aligner specific dental care.

What’s enamel and why do we need it?

Enamel is the hardest substance in your body, and its job is to protect your teeth from everyday wear and tear. Though enamel erosion is common over time, together with acid attacks from even the healthiest foods, it could cause 80% of other dental problems, such as cavities and tooth yellowing. Unfortunately, once enamel is lost, your body cannot restore the enamel mineral that protects the soft, sensitive tooth core. 

Wondering if you’re experiencing enamel erosion? Take this quick free Erosion Test to find out!

What is enamel?

Aligner Treatment & Dental Care

Basic dental hygiene includes regular brushing twice a day, using mouthwash and flossing – and forgetting one of these steps every once in a while is no big deal.

During aligner treatment, though, dental hygiene is even more important and essential for successful results.

In fact, over 60% of users* say that they brush their teeth more as a result of teeth straightening. The reason for this that, apart from being generally more aware of your dental health in the circumstance, you’ll also be brushing after every meal before putting your aligners back in. Not doing so can increase the threat that acid already poses to your enamel, which is the last thing you want after investing in a fabulous new smile.

This is where Regenerate comes in: seeing as you’re already brushing your teeth more often, it’s the ideal time to start using Regenerate Advanced Toothpaste. Watch and feel your dental health improve substantially right alongside your smile transformation!

Regenerate’s breakthrough in enamel science

Allow us to present Regenerate Enamel Science, the first oral care regime to regenerate your enamel mineral. Backed by clinically proven NR-5 technology and with over 9 years of international research, it is the first regime that can regenerate enamel mineral with the same mineral that tooth enamel is made of, protecting and strengthening against cavities, as well as restoring original whiteness.

Why Regenerate?

Regenerate Enamel Science is the first toothpaste of its kind, using the same mineral that enamel is made of to regenerate your natural protection, restoring its mineral content and micro hardness. After 9 years of research with dentists and experts from Oral Care Centres all around the world, they’ve been able to develop their NR-5 technology, combining calcium silicate and sodium phosphate to regenerate enamel and ward off daily threats in food and drink.

The effects of Regenerate Advanced Toothpaste

By using the Regenerate Enamel Science regime regularly, you can:

> reverse the early enamel erosion process, a root cause of yellowing, sensitivity, weakness and transparency.

> future proof your smile against acid attacks.

“I need this toothpaste in my life”, you say?

Then today is your lucky day, because Straight Teeth Direct have teamed up with Regenerate to bring you the allround dental care that you deserve!

Regenerate Advanced Enamel Toothpaste

Straight Teeth Direct & Regenerate

Straight Teeth Direct have featured Regenerate in giveaways and contests for a while now, and this year you’ll continue to receive a tube of Regenerate Advanced Toothpaste with every SmileBox and StraigthBox order.

Straighter and healthier teeth in one – a match made in heaven! But what do you do once you’ve reached the end of your complimentary toothpaste?

Sticking to what works

According to our users, only 36% are loyal to a specific brand of toothpaste, most likely for practicality reasons: you just grab what’s on offer or looks good. At Straight Teeth Direct, we want to make taking care of your dental health to be more practical than ever before.

Therefore, we’re collaborating with Regenerate to bring you 4 brand new bundle subscriptions, meaning you’ll never run out of toothpaste again!

What our users are saying…

Rather than letting the facts speak for themselves, here’s what our users think after using Regenerate Advanced Enamel Toothpaste*:

> 90% would recommend Regenerate to a friend

> 73% saw improvements from using Regenerate

> 98% would benefit from using more Regenerate Advanced Serum

> 88% would buy Regenerate toothpaste again

A Proud Collaboration

At Straight Teeth Direct, our mission is to provide accessible, affordable and professional at home teeth straightening, for which healthy teeth are a key factor. We couldn’t be happier to be working with Regenerate, another company that is making the impossible possible! If you have a smile that needs tweaking, join the dental revolution by starting your free e-consultation and experience what modern technology can do for you.

Already on your Straight Teeth Journey and want to upgrade your smile? Send us a quick message through the app 🙂

*Based on our User’s Survey responses

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