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10 Reasons To Choose Straight Teeth Direct ™ To Get A Natural Smile

10 Reasons To Choose Straight Teeth Direct To Get A Natural Smile

Many people wanting to improve their smiles, over the years, have inquired if there would ever be an alternative to frequent visits to the dentist, brackets, and wires to straighten their teeth. They were simply too busy or could not afford braces and were looking for a more natural alternative to traditional fixed braces.  You asked, we listened and today we launch Straight Teeth Direct ™, the first technology platform in Europe to use a mobile app to connect dentists with people who want straight teeth, with no need for monthly orthodontic visits, using a self-impression SmileBox™ and clear aligners. Wow; isn’t that brilliant?!

There are numerous reasons this brilliant platform will change your life!

10 good reasons you should choose Straight Teeth Direct ™:

  1. The aligners are invisible and discreet; nobody will know you are wearing them.
  2. They are removable; you can take them out to eat or for a special event.
  3. They are easy to keep clean while you keep up your brushing routine.
  4. Less expensive than traditional braces and in-person appointments with your dentist (by 50% to 70%).
  5. You can spread the cost with monthly instalments.
  6. Everything comes straight to you with delivery; no long hours in a dental practice waiting area.
  7. Personal care through our support desk and reminders via the app, available for both iPhone and Android.
  8. The treatment is less painful than with traditional braces as there are no wires or brackets to cut your cheeks and tongue.
  9. The aligners are comfortable and do not interfere with your lifestyle, including participating in sports.
  10. As you have to clean your aligners and teeth whenever you eat, you can potentially lose weight by not snacking as much; a healthy bonus!

You might be hesitant to try something so new and revolutionary to straighten your teeth but this is not a gimmick, it is not another piece of useless kit to clutter your cupboards and, for reassurance, we’ve got your back with our industry leading guarantees.

This is teledentistry, an entirely new concept, bringing braces to you wherever you are (view the list of current shipping locations). Straight Teeth Direct ™ uses technology to connect people who want straight teeth to registered dentists who can supervise their case remotely.

The journey begins with the app. You submit photographs via your phone or computer, then send impressions of your teeth and receive  3D images as well as a smile simulation of how your new smile will look.  If you like what you see and decide to proceed, you will receive your aligners, custom made from superior materials. What could be easier? And you don’t even have to spend a single minute waiting around at the dentist’s office to get what you’ve always wanted!

Find out if you are suitable for Straight Teeth Direct ™ aligners at home today by taking the free e-consultation.

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