Straighter Teeth or Your Money Back!


Finally get your dream smile.

The most advanced cosmetic teeth straightening without the hefty price tag.

Getting straight teeth has never been easier!

Invisible Aligners DeliveredNo Brackets
Invisible Aligners DeliveredNo repeated trips to the dentist
Invisible Aligners DeliveredNo shopping around for the best price

Straight Teeth Direct™ brings the orthodontist to your screen and ships the invisible aligners to you at a fraction of the cost.

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Mould it. Align it. Love it.


Virtual Consultation

Submit 5 photos of your teeth and answer the simple guided quiz to receive your professional opinion. This stage is completely free with no obligation, it allows you to quickly know if aligners at home are adapted to you.


Peek into your new smile

For 47€ you can then order your SmileBox™ (impression kit) and take moulds of your teeth at home to view your straight teeth plan. This stage is to make sure you are 100% happy with the predicted results before you commit further.


Professional results – At home

You then choose one of the the 3 easy payment options (from 170€/month) and get your custom made aligners delivered to you. You’ll be supervised by your assigned dentist to make sure you end up with a smile you love.

Why It Works

Start seeing results in 90 days!
(Average treatment 5-9 months)

With Straight Teeth Direct™ your entire journey is supervised by a team of experienced doctors and smile coordinators. We’ve innovated to bring the highest quality aligners to your door and guarantee you achieve your smile goals or your money back.


No Hiding.
More Smiling.

Let your smile shine! Reveal the best version of your smile and boost your self-esteem. Our customer care and dental teams are ready to help you on your journey, all you need is a smartphone or computer.

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