Am I Suitable?

For busy people: remote aligners that will save you time and money


Time is precious. Every day we want to get so many things done, but we have to make decisions about what we can fit in and what we can’t.

For many people, a typical day involves a morning workout, an hour long commute, lunches with friends, networking events, valuable time with family and partners, and not to mention that all-important working day. Some people’s working life is complex enough as it is, so when having a social life is added in, there aren’t many hours left in the day.

You DO have time to straighten your teeth

If you’ve always wanted straight teeth, you’ll probably have considered the following challenges:

  1. Where do I go?
  2. Who can I trust?
  3. Which brace do I choose?
  4. How often do I need to go and will I be able to make those appointments?
  5. Will I be able to afford it?

At Straight Teeth Direct™  we understand these challenges, and we’ve tried to combat them however we can. Let’s take a look at how even the busiest of people can still enjoy straighter, more beautiful teeth with remote aligners.

Where do I go?

Dental Clinic
• Do a lot of research looking for nearby clinics to see which straightening options they provide.
• Call and email them to see if they offer free consults at a time that suits you.

Time involved – 2 hours (To go to appointments, discuss your options, find out the prices, and spend forever in a waiting room)
Cost involved – £50-£100 (Some clinics will charge for a consultation)

people-at-dental-clinic-waiting-vs-Remote Aligners

Straight Teeth Direct™
• Download the iPhone or Android app, or visit the website from your smartphone or computer to start your free e-consultation. Answer the questions about your oral health and submit photos of your teeth. You can do this from anywhere at all – at home, on the train or in the office.

Time involved – 1 minute
Cost involved – £0

download-the-Remote Aligners-app-on-smartphone

Who do I trust?

Dental Clinic
• Use your online research and clinic visits to decide which you prefer.
• Go to the appointments, discuss your options and find out the prices.
• Many clinics will charge extortionate sums of money to provide you with a mock up image of how your teeth will look after the braces.

Time involved – 2 hours (travelling plus waiting time)

can-you-trust-the-info-from-a-dental-clinic-vs-Remote Aligners

Straight Teeth Direct™
• Order your SmileBox™(impression kit), get it delivered to your house, and spend the rest of your time living your life exactly as you wish.
• Read the easy to follow instructions, or watch our video tutorial, and take your impressions. Your £69  SmileBox™ fee covers the impression material, postage, 3D smile preview with an after treatment simulation and a detailed personalised orthodontic report by your assigned dentist.

Time involved – 20 minutes


Which brace do I choose?

Dental Clinic
• There are lots of braces available – removable or fixed braces with metal, tooth coloured, with wires, with brackets, in front of your teeth, behind your teeth, invisible aligners and removable appliances.
• You’ll need to find out what’s the most convenient for you and what will work for both your teeth and your lifestyle.
• Clear aligners aren’t suitable for all cases (e.g extreme crowding) but they are the most hygienic (no wires to get food stuck in), most cosmetic (nothing visible on your teeth) and most comfortable for eating (no wires or brackets to potentially cut your tongue or interfere with chewing). They are however more expensive than other braces in many clinics so you need to bear that in mind.
• You’ll then need to go to the appointments, discuss your options and find out the prices.

Time involved  – 2 hours

traditional-braces-vs-Remote Aligners
lingual-braces-rather-than-Remote Aligners

Straight Teeth Direct™
• At Straight Teeth Direct™,  we are focused on making discreet braces available to more people.
• The process of getting aligners online is more convenient and doesn’t affect your lifestyle.

How often do I need to attend my appointments?

Dental Clinic
• In most cases you’ll need to go to monthly appointments to have your braces tightened and your movement progress monitored. In these situations you still have to travel to your appointment and then often your dentist will just see you for 10-15 minutes.

Time involved – 2 hours (including travelling time)

image-of-man-waiting-to-get-to-dental-app-not-using-Remote Aligners

Straight Teeth Direct™
• Get your remote aligners delivered to your door.
• Complete your monthly review appointment with your digital dentist from your mobile phone, wherever you are.

Time involved – 15 minutes a month

get-your-Remote Aligners-delivered-to-your-door

Will I be able to afford it?

Dental Clinics
• Many clinics charge between £3500 – £8000 for braces.

clinics-charge-2500e-5000e-for-braces-not-Remote Aligners

Straight Teeth Direct™ Remote Aligners
• At Straight Teeth Direct™, you get a fixed price. You can save by paying all upfront or pay a deposit of £499 and then only £169 a month, so the price can fit into your lifestyle and budget.


When all the options are laid out in front of you, it’s easy to see why so many people choose remote aligners over conventional in clinic orthodontic treatments. They’re cheaper, less time consuming, and perfect for busy people who want to improve their teeth until they’re something to be really proud of.

Do you want straight teeth but are too busy to see visit a clinic? If you are not sure if remote aligners are the solution for you, take your e-consultation to get a better idea, it’s quick and free.

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