What sets us apart?


  • What is Straight Teeth Direct™?

    Straight Teeth Direct™ is a direct to consumer teledentistry platform that connects users to online dentists globally enabling at home cosmetic teeth straightening at a cost saving of up to 70%.

    Forget everything you’ve been told about teeth straightening!

    Here’s a completely new way to straighten teeth; with no visits to the dentist.

    Using 3D printing, we have delivered aligners straight to the door of users in over 43 countries since our 2017 launch.

    Our mission is to make orthodontic more accessible and affordable through technology.

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  • How does it work?
    1. Free e-consultation

    Visit www.app.straightteethdirect.com

    Upload photos of your teeth and answer a few questions about your dental health

    A dentist will review your case and let you know if you are suitable within 24h

    1. Order an impression kit

    Send back a total of 6 moulds of your teeth to the lab using your prepaid return label

    1. Receive your 3D smile simulation and report for detailed views of your new predicted smile and and all expectations
    1. Choose one of the payment plans and receive your first 2 months of aligners

    Your orthodontist will check in with you to verify the fit

    1. Track your progress through monthly reviews via your account

    Achieve your results in average 5 to 9 months

    1. Once your final results have been confirmed, receive your complimentary set of removable retainers to keep your teeth in position

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  • Where are you based? I have questions about shipping

    We have offices across Europe and ship pretty much everywhere with the exception of USA, Spain, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and The Philippines.

    If your country isn’t mentioned make sure to vote for your state and leave your email address on the shipping page so we can let you know if we already ship or planning on any soon.For the latest info make sure to visit the shipping page for all info shipping shipping FAQs LEARN MORE

  • How do I know it’ll work for me?

    That’s what the initial free e-consultation is there for.

    After uploading your photos and answering the simple questions your case will be reviewed by a dentist and you’ll know for sure if you’re suitable for this solution or not; completely obligation free.

    Your results will be available within 24 hours, generally on the same day.


  • What are the eligibility criteria?

    This solution is good for people over 18 who are dentally healthy and looking to straighten their teeth or close some gaps.

    If you have crowns, veneers, bridges or implants this solution may or may not be suitable for you so when doing your e-consultation please provide as much information as possible about them so your case can be evaluated.

    To Find out if you’re suitable the best is to submit your photos and info for a free e-consultation.


  • Does it work to improve an overbite or overjet?

    Overbites and overjets can be improved through straightening the teeth.

    This solution cannot change your jaw shape / size or side facial profile though.

    Find more detailed info about that in this article LEARN MORE

  • Does it work to close gaps?

    Aligners are great to close gaps in a very discreet way.

    Find more detailed info about the different case scenario treatable in this article LEARN MORE

  • Where can I see reviews or before/after from your customers?

    All the reviews, videos and before/after photos posted by our genuine users can be found on this website VIEW RESULTS

    And you’ll also find more impartial reviews on our TrustPilot page READ REVIEWS

  • Do you have to see a dentist first?

    The process is done remotely so you don’t need to physically visit a dentist during the process.

    You’ll be recommended to have seen your regular dentist for an exam in the last 6/12 months and will have the option to share your recent dental records (x-rays and gum scores).

    You’ll be assigned to an orthodontist who will prescribe and supervise your treatment remotely. It’s super convenient, all the reviews are done through the app on your computer or smartphone.

    With this innovative model, your orthodontist works closely with the technicians programming your case at the lab so you get better answers faster and more concrete insights into your progress through your percentage tracker.

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  • Does it come with retainers for maintenance at the end of the treatment?

    Yes you will receive a complimentary set of removable retainers at the end of the treatment of your treatment to make sure your teeth stay in their new straighter position.

    And you have the option to join the StraightTeeth Care Plan at the end to keep receiving new fresh retainers every year and extend your guarantee. LEARN MORE

    Find more detailed info about retainers in this article LEARN MORE

  • How can I be sure it’ll work if it’s done online?

    We guarantee every step from the suitability to the results and are the only aligner brand in the world to guarantee straighter teeth or money back.

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  • What if I need IPR, how much is that and how is it done?

    The cases are programmed without IPR, so if your case is accepted after the free e-consultation you know you won’t require IPR.

    In this article we’ve explained why with the advanced aligner technology used at Straight Teeth Direct™ your teeth will be moved by expanding your arch without the need for clinical visits LEARN MORE

    There will be a small percentage of cases that would only be suitable if done with one IPR visit and you will be told at the e-consultation stage and have the option to continue or not.

    The IPR plan cost an additional 150€ / £139 and comes with a IPR guide and new impression material to take impressions after the IPR procedure has been done.

  • Will it work without attachments / dots on the teeth?

    This advanced solution does not work with attachments.

    They are used for cases supervised in office to achieve more dramatic movements like pulling teeth down or extreme teeth rotations.

    With this cosmetic teeth straightening at home method the movement is done by expanding the arch. If your e-consultation results say that you are suitable then you know for sure you won’t need attachment.

    Find more detailed info about how aligners work to move teeth in this article LEARN MORE

  • What about x-rays and BPE gum scores?

    You’ll be given the option to upload a copy of your recent dental records right after you order your SmileBox™.

    If you’ve already visited your dentist in the last 12/6 months for a routine check up then you can contact them to ask for a copy of your records.

    If not you can book a routine dental exam with your local dentist and ask them to take an OPG x-ray of your teeth (if they don’t have the machine small x-rays should be fine too) and check your gum level.

    The x-ray is to verify that you have no issues with your jaw or teeth roots, and for your assigned dentist to have a proper view of that to be able to prescribe your treatment remotely.

    The BPE gum scores check for the presence of gum disease.

    Find more detailed info about x-rays and why it’s option as long as your know your teeth and gums are healthy in this article LEARN MORE

  • How long is the treatment and the process of getting started?

    Treatment wise it’ll depend on the position of your teeth and your smile goals but the treatment average with our method is 5 to 9 months and you’ll start seeing results in as little as 90 days!

    You’ll know in your Straight Teeth Plan how long your predicted treatment before you decide to commit further.

    Process wise, it depends on how responsive you are but all in all the process of getting started can take as little as a month; you could get your first sets of aligners 4 to 6 weeks after sending off your photos, which is quicker than if you were going via a clinic.

  • What’s included in the impression kit?

    You’ll receive all you need to take impressions of your teeth: gloves, impression putty to mix, a number of trays (6 in total) so you can take a few impressions in case the first one wasn’t good enough, a manual showing you step by step how to do it and a prepaid return envelope to send your impressions back.

    The cost of the SmileBox™ also covers your 3D smile simulation and personalised orthodontic report prepared by your assigned dentist. This stage is to make sure you are 100% happy with the results before you get started and commit further.

    See exactly what’s included in the box in this unboxing video WATCH VIDEO

  • Is it safe for my teeth to use the home impression and teeth straightening kit?

    Absolutely! After going through the e-consultation stage, to make sure you’re suitable and approved for this process by a dentist, there are a number of steps taken to ensure you receive quality treatment in the safest way possible.

    You’ll be given the option to share recent  x-rays and BPE gum scores from your dentist and also be asked to complete online medical history forms.

    A thorough check will be done and only candidates that are suitable with good oral health will be able to start the treatment. Those who are not dentally fit or those who have tooth decay, gum disease or unstable implants / crowns / bridges / veneers on front teeth will not be suitable and be recommended to visit their own dentists first.

    The whole Straight Teeth Direct™ experience has been designed around your safety and security LEARN MORE

    Find more detailed info about what can go wrong with braces in clinic vs. aligners at home in this article LEARN MORE

  • What material are the aligners made of?

    The aligners are made using the most transparent medically graded BPA free resin from Germany to ensure clearness and stain resistance.

    They are also hand finished to ensure superior comfort.

  • Where are the aligners produced?

    Your aligners are designed and manufactured in Europe (UK) – and delivered straight to you.

    With Straight Teeth Direct™ you don’t have to choose between quality and price, you receive the professional experience and highest quality aligners available on the market at a fraction of the cost.

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  • How does this solution compare to other ones online or in clinic?

    Straight Teeth Direct™ is the most trusted platform for at home aligners in Europe and is unique is so many ways, from cost to guarantees, continued monitoring and proprietary technology.

    Find more detailed info comparing other in clinic and online solutions with Straight Teeth Direct™ on our comparator page here LEARN MORE

  • How can I get started?

    The first step is the free e-consultation to make sure this solution is for you.

    Keep an eye on your emails, you’ll get a notification when your results are available and each time you have a new message.

    To get started simply follow the instructions here GET STARTED


  • How can I get a quote?

    The good news here is that you don’t need to wonder how much you’ll be paying, the price is fixed and £1,350  for all cases or equivalent in other currencies (or one of the payment plans).


    You know exactly what to expect before ordering anything and won’t have any surprises.

    Find more detailed info and tips on how to compare braces quotes, you’ll find some insights you won’t read anywhere else here LEARN MORE

  • Can I pay monthly?

    Absolutely, we have 2 in house payment plans that are credit check free and 1 additional finance plan for UK residents.


  • How much is it if I’m not paying in Euros?

    The orders are processed in Euros or in Pound Sterlings so if you’re outside the Euro zone you’ll pay the equivalent in your currency on the day of the transaction.

    To find out today’s rate make sure to use the info button “currency guide” that you can find throughout the pricing page.


  • Can I pay in £?

    Yes, if your address is in the UK the check out screens will automatically show the £ price.

    Make sure you select the UK flag on top to view the pricing in £ on the pricing page.


  • How does the UK finance plan work?

    If you’ve been a UK resident for more than three years, you are over 18 years old, are employed and earn over £7,200/year you’ll also have another option on finance which works with an online credit check.

    Once you receive your plan after sending back your impressions simply let us know you’re interested and we’ll send you the instructions; this is how it works:

    No upfront cost
    Example of repayment from £40/month x 36 months (based on 3.2% APR) The amount that you pay per month will depend on the period of time you choose to pay it off (1-5 years) and your credit status.

    Straight Teeth Direct acts as a credit introducer, rates provided are for guidance only and are calculated by the finance company. Rates are based upon your personal financial circumstances and credit score at the time of application.

  • How can it be so much cheaper than options in clinic?

    The answer to that is very simple and mainly to do with cases volume and innovation

    You’ll find the answer in this video WATCH VIDEO

  • How are payments done?

    All payments are made through your secure account and operated by the safe payment app processor Stripe. Most cards are accepted (Visa, Mastercard, American Express…). We don’t store your details and if you choose a payment plan it’ll be automatically set up at check out as a subscription and taken on your card when due. If you choose one of the 2 payment plans you won’t be asked for a credit check which means you know for sure you’ll be eligible to spread the cost

    In the case you don’t have a credit or debit card because you’re in the Netherlands for example we can send you a Paypal invoice if you pay in one go.

  • How much is it if I only want my top or bottom teeth done?

    Pretty much all cases are programmed to move both upper and lower teeth together because small movements to both top and bottom have to be made at the same time to create the space for the teeth to move into and to end up with good results and a balanced smile otherwise your teeth may not fit together properly.

    Unlike other clinics we don’t charge per arch, you get everything you need to achieve your smile goals (impressions for both top and bottom for your smile simulation and treatment plan, all shipping cost, all the reviews with your assigned dentist during the treatment and all the care and attention needed 🙂 )

    Find more detailed info and why if both arches are not considered you teeth may not fit together properly or not have the space to move in this article here LEARN MORE

    You’ll also find it explained in this video from minute 4 WATCH VIDEO

  • How much is shipping?

    Shipping is completely free! We cover all cost to and from you expect import duties if any.

    Make sure to visit the shipping page for all information and frequently asked questions.

    Find more detailed info on shipping visit the shipping page LEARN MORE

  • What if I need more aligners during the treatment?

    The price is fixed (with no hidden costs) so you know exactly what to expect upfront and all aligners needed for your treatment are included in your package.

    We also won’t charge you extra, like other brands do, if you lose or break aligners during the course of your treatment, all we care about is for you to achieve the right results.

    Find more detailed info about the guarantees here LEARN MORE

  • If I pay in one go will I receive the aligners all at once?

    To allow and guarantee the right results the aligners are sent in stages independently of your payment plan.

    You’ll be asked to send photos of your teeth every month through your app account and based on your progress, your assigned dentist will instruct the lab to produce the next sets.

    You are closely monitored and with your unique AIM (aligner intelligent monitoring) program you know you’re on track and sure to achieve your goals as planned in your simulation.


    This is because if your aligners were sent all at once and you went off track we wouldn’t want you to be stuck there and have to pay extra for refinements like other brands do.

    Don’t worry you won’t receive a new parcel every month, if your treatment is programmed over 6 months for example, you should receive them in 3 batches.

    Find out why you should not get all aligners in one go LEARN MORE


  • How long should I wear each aligner for?

    The recommended wear for the aligners is 22h a day, meaning most of the day and night only taking them out to eat and brush your teeth for it to be effective.

    They will be recommended to be worn for 2 to 4 weeks each depending on your progress, generally you can change to the next set every 2 weeks but it’s perfectly fine to wear them even 4 to 6 weeks in some cases.

  • What can I eat or drink with the aligners in?

    You can drink water with them but it’s recommended to take them out when you eat or drink anything else to avoid discolouration, damage or distortion that will make them ineffective.

  • Will I have a lisp or issues to talk?

    Most people adapt to the aligners within days of starting to wear them.

    Find more detailed info about aligners and speech here LEARN MORE

  • What happens if it takes longer to straighten my teeth?

    This is why the aligners are sent in stages so that your assigned dentist can monitor your progress.

    If you have been wearing your aligners as told but a course of aligners has gone off track then your assigned dentist can bring your case back on track and order what is called “refinement or midcourse corrections”.

    Don’t worry if more aligners are needed or your treatment takes a bit longer than originally planned, everything is included in your treatment cost.

    Find more detailed info about the guarantees here LEARN MORE


  • Where can I ask my questions?

    You can do that through your account’s “Message” tab where all your conversations are saved as well as your info, photos and records and where you’ll receive all support during this process.

  • I cannot login into my account / I have issues with my account?

    To access your account simply:

    1. Visit this link: www.app.straightteethdirect.com/login
    2. Click “forgot password” and follow the instructions to reset your password
    3. Click the new link emailed over and then choose a new password to access your account.

    Make sure to check your email preference and that you get all incoming emails from hello(at)straightteethdirect(dot)com, sometimes depending on your personal settings they could go to your promotion or spam folder.

    If this doesn’t work you can contact us via email with more info into the error you’re getting and a screenshot preferably so we can guide you. [email protected]

  • How can I make a payment / place my order?

    All payments are done through your account’s “Status” tab.

    To order your impression kit simply click “Order SmileBox” if your e-cosultation results are positive and your case has been approved.

    To order your aligners simply click “Order StraightBox” after receiving and going through your plan.


  • I have issues uploading my records (x-rays)

    When doing this via your “Status” tab make sure to upload 2 photos (x-rays and gum scores or twice the same), if you only have 1 use it twice then you should be able to go to the next screen.

    If you have issues you can always attach them in a message via your “Message” tab.


  • Where can I send photos of my impressions?

    You can send your photos by replying to a message in your “Message” tab; they will be reviewed and a dentist will get back to you with some feedback before you complete the other impressions.


  • Where and when can I send photos of my progress?

    You will receive messages at specific times during the process (at the very beginning and then every month or more often depending on your progress) asking for photos; simply click reply to upload your photos via your “Message” tab.


  • How can I benefit from the referral program?

    Once you join our community and order your SmileBox™ [impression kit] you’ll unlock your unique app referral code that you can find in your “Rewards” tab.

    Anybody who uses your referral code at checkout will get 7€ off their own SmileBox™ and you’ll receive 20€ Asos or Amazon vouchers as a thank you for inviting them.

    There is no limit in the number of people you can refer!


  • Where do I enter my friend’s referral code when registering?

    When you submit your photos and answers to find out if you are suitable for professional cosmetic teeth straightening at home, you’ll be asked “how you heard about us” on the registration page. Select “friend” and enter the referral code they’ve given you in the box next to it.

    As an invitation gift you’ll get a discount of 7€ on your SmileBox™ [home impression kit].



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