Am I Suitable?

Straight Teeth Direct™
E-consultation – Terms

By submitting my e-consultation pictures and answers I acknowledge and agree to the following:

1. I am an adult aged 18 or above.

2. All pictures submitted are mine and all answers given are truthful to the best of my knowledge. I am intending to get a free opinion on my suitability for at-home aligner treatment before deciding whether or not to buy the SmileBox™ at-home impression kit and StraightBox™ aligner treatment, or to try this service for personal use and not for business purposes or competitive research which would constitute a violation of Straight Teeth Direct’s terms.

3. I have visited a dentist within the past 6 to 12 months and confirm that I am dentally healthy. I will be recommended to provide a recent OPG x-ray (a panoramic scan) or small tooth x-ray (a section scan of the jaw and tooth roots), as well as my BPE gum scores (an assessment of gum health) from my regular dentist to prove the above. If I do not provide these documents I will sign a waiver to take full responsibility for my dental health or confirm that I will visit a dentist and undertake the treatments required to become dentally healthy and fit for orthodontic treatment. If I do not provide the above specified dental health documents and also refuse to sign the therefore necessary waiver, Straight Teeth Direct™ reserve the right to not proceed with my treatment and are not liable for refunds of any kind.

4. A qualified dentist will review my pictures and answers submitted in my e-consultation, based on which I will receive an initial answer confirming or denying my suitability for further, remote cosmetic orthodontic treatment with Straight Teeth Direct™. If I am deemed suitable and wish to proceed, I will be required to provide dental impressions of my teeth or attend a 3D scan for detailed measurements.

5. I understand that the Straight Teeth Direct™ solution is for cosmetic teeth straightening, not functional / comprehensive orthodontics. This means remotely supervised cosmetic orthodontic treatment using invisible aligners as a method to attain cosmetic improvement in tooth alignment, and that the objective is to achieve a cosmetically improved smile. I recognise that teledentistry is not suitable for orthodontic perfection or severe orthodontic conditions, such as changes in jaw position or bite correction, which may require extensive orthodontics and/or surgery.

6. I understand that the success of my treatment and desired results are dependent on my ability to wear the aligners for 22 hours/day for a minimum of 2 consecutive weeks per set and to adhere to the directions prescribed in my Straight Teeth Plan, all provided by my Straight Teeth Direct™ assigned orthodontist. I also understand that there are individual biological limitations on tooth movement achievables, which may affect the results achieved.

7. I understand that Straight Teeth Direct™ advertises an average treatment duration of 5 to 9 months which is representative of the average cases treated and not necessarily applicable to my own case. I understand that the estimate given in my Straight Teeth Plan will be a prediction only and my treatment may take longer depending on (i) how my teeth respond to the treatment; and (ii) my adherence to the specific directions given to me in my Straight Teeth Plan.

8. I confirm that I have read the Privacy Policy

9. I confirm that I have read the Terms applicable to any services or products received by me from Straight Teeth Direct Europe Limited. By submitting my e-consultation pictures and answers I accept and acknowledge these Terms.