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My dentist was impressed with these aligners for teeth straightening | Louise’s aligner journey

Louise aligners for teeth

Hi, I’m Louise! Teeth straightening was something I had wanted to start years ago, but due to the high cost I never took the leap. Now, 13 months after finding aligners for teeth straightening and starting treatment with Straight Teeth Direct, I can honestly say it’s some of the best money I’ve ever spent!

Discovering aligners for teeth straightening

I first looked at getting fixed braces on the NHS as a teenager. Unfortunately, however, I didn’t fit the criteria for NHS coverage and at the time my parents couldn’t afford to pay privately. I looked again at getting fixed braces around the age of 21, but again, it was very expensive. Later on, I noticed the option of aligners for teeth becoming available and began looking into it, reading Trustpilot reviews and speaking to friends who had done it. It wasn’t until 2022 when I got engaged that I decided to definitely go for it, with the upcoming wedding giving me the final push to go for it! 

Louise before aligners for teeth

I chose Straight Teeth Direct because…

With two small children I particularly liked the idea of no face-to-face appointments, as it’s so difficult to arrange around children. I did my research on Trustpilot and decided Straight Teeth Direct was the choice for me. I knew I had a wisdom tooth that needed surgically removing and that this tooth was damaging the tooth next to it, so I went ahead and had the surgery as well as a root canal and crown to make sure my teeth were fit and healthy. 

My local dentist approved of Straight Teeth Direct

I also spoke to my dentist about going with Straight Teeth Direct and got his blessing to proceed (this dentist also offered aligners for teeth but the cost was almost 3 x the amount!). Finally, later in 2022, I went ahead and started the journey towards my dream smile.

The app, the process, the communication: impressive, quick, professional!

I was immediately impressed with the app and the free e-consultation. I thought that the predicted new smile and 3D simulation was very realistic and matched what my dentist had said could be achieved for me with aligners. The whole process is so well thought out, practical, seamless and easy, shipping back and forth is quick and professional.

“Communication is amazing, guidance and demo videos are great. Just overall such a well run company.”

Are teeth aligners comfortable?

It took a couple of weeks to get into the swing of wearing the aligners for teeth straightening but I quickly got used to it and they are very comfortable. I never had any issues of aligners not fitting or even sharp edges etc. I seamlessly moved from one set of aligners to the next, impressed every time with how well they fit! 

At-home aligners are ideal for mums

If I ever had any questions about small gaps or needed reassurance the brace was fitting and working okay, they were quickly answered via the app. Monthly reviews and very prompt and professional again, with advice given and a percentage tool to see how far you are through your journey, which is always nice to see increase! I have had absolutely zero problems and everything has been done virtually/at home, which for a mum of two small children has been absolutely ideal. 

Refinement aligners for teeth at no extra cost

When I came near the predicted end of my journey I was particularly impressed that Straight Teeth Direct advised that I would benefit from more aligners to achieve the original predicted treatment model, this comes at no extra cost. Again, the communication and ease of the process was very impressive and after receiving my new sets I completed my treatment in October 2023 (around 13 months start to finish). 

“I visited my dentist twice during my aligner journey and he was always so intrigued about the online aspect of aligners, asking lots of questions and after I explained how it all worked and he was extremely impressed with the process and my final results.”

The smile I have wanted for over 15 years

I have had so much interest from friends and family about my new smile and people are always shocked when I tell them the total cost. I would say I have at least 3 friends who will now be starting their own journey with Straight Teeth Direct. People always notice and are so impressed when I show them before and after pictures! I definitely have the smile I have wanted for over 15 years and will get married next year a lot more confident and happy in pictures because of my new smile. 

Do I recommend Straight Teeth Direct?

For anyone thinking about it, I would say without a shadow of a doubt to go for it, it’s the best money you will ever spend and you will not be disappointed in the service received from Straight Teeth Direct. The teeth whitening kit is also worth every penny, the only whitening I have ever used that actually works.


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