What sets us apart?


Save up to 70%!


Use super invisible aligners!

Too long?

See results in as little as 90 days!


Alternate with soft & hard aligners

  • No wire or brackets to cut your cheeks and tongue
  • No hard fitting aligner than make your teeth tender
  • Introducing you to a two step system that makes straightening more effective and comfortable

Time consuming?

Get started wherever whenever

  • The AIM (Aligner intelligent monitoring) simplifies everything with reviews on your phone

At home is unsafe?

Discover the first orthodontist backed platform

With Straight Teeth DirectTM you can:

  • Upload your recent x-rays and gums scores through your app account
  • Receive a full result agreement and orthodontic expectation report from a certified dentist
  • Every step of the journey is guaranteed
  • Your monthly visits are replaced with virtual ones with a percentage tracker and aligners sent in stages based on progress

Other at home solutions:

  • Don’t check your dental records
  • Don’t discuss consent
  • Charge you more if you need more impressions or aligners
  • Don’t monitor your progress and ship everything in one go

In Clinic

Following a scientific study we’ve asked patients in clinics and those who used Straight Teeth Direct™ what they thought about the quality of the treatment they received.

“I wish I didn’t have to feel the pain in my teeth after the
dentist appointment“

“I wish I could eat anything without worrying”

“I don’t like seeing myself in photos”

“A better schedule for me for the appointments “

Our Users

*A research was conducted in 2017-2018 and will be officially published in a paper

Had never bought another treatment online before

Rated their confidence level for the braces fitting between 8 and 10 out 10.

Rated the overall value for the service / experience between 8 and 10 out of 10.

Would consider buying additional dental appliances through a teledentistry platform