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Free International Courier Deliveries

Worldwide shipping

Shipped to over 50 countries!

We do ship pretty much everywhere except to the countries listed below

Latin America Latin America
Latin America
Portugal Portugal
Spain Spain
Italy Italy
Russia Russia
India India
Nepal Nepal
Sri Lanka Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka
Thailand Thailand
Tahiti Tahiti
Bhutan Bhutan
Uzbekistan Uzbekistan
Kazakhstan Kazakhstan
Pakistan Pakistan
Bangladesh Bangladesh
Philippines Philippines
Ukraine Ukraine
Belarus Belarus
Ghana Ghana

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    Shipping FAQs

    We ship to pretty much everywhere except the Latin America, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Russia, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Tahiti, Bhutan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Philippines, Ukraine, Belarus, Ghana.
    If you have any doubts, feel free to contact us first.

    All SmileBox™ impression kits and smile upgrades (Whitening upgrade / additional oral care products) are currently being shipped from Portugal.
    All aligners and other devices that are produced at the lab are shipped directly there from the UK.

    Shipping to the UK: not chargeable (as valued under £139)
    Shipping to the EU: no customs processing as shipping within EU
    Shipping to ROW: customs and duties at the charge of the recipient

    Shipping to the UK: no customs import processing as shipping within UK
    Shipping to the EU & ROW: customs and duties at the charge of the recipient - no VAT should be applied

    Your aligners are prescribed custom medical devices so VAT exempt.
    In the event that you are asked to pay any VAT import fees, please contact us immediately. We will provide you with the necessary documentation to prove that the appliances are VAT exempt and dispute this claim.

    Customs handling fees and duties may vary depending on your country and the products sent to you. We can recommend that you consult with your local authorities for specific information about that.

    The aligners are shipped in stages over the course of your treatment according to your progress. Each package will have a separate commercial value. The overall cost for your Straight Teeth Direct treatment covers the dentist monitoring and the aligners combined so it is important if you are asked for an invoice for a particular package, to use the commercial invoice provided for that package, not the overall receipt otherwise this would result in a higher charge than warranted for the specific shipment.

    Shipping remains free! Despite the significant price increase in shipping costs due to Brexit charges, we will continue to cover shipping fees for the foreseeable future in order to continue our mission of accessible, affordable orthodontic care.

    On the 1st of July 2021 the European Union (EU) removed the Value Added Tax (VAT) exemption for low-value imported goods (i.e up to 22€).

    When importing goods there are usually different charges: Duty charges and VAT charges. Duty is charged differently by individual countries according to their own limits and we can recommend that you consult with your local authorities for specific information about that. Make sure to refer to the information in the custom fees and duties section of this FAQs in relation to the documentation to share when importing your parcel to avoid unnecessary charges.

    Even though prescribed treatments from a dentist/dental technician are not vatable, and we do not charge VAT as an additional item on your invoice, since Brexit, we have experienced that different countries can react differently once new rules are implemented and may not follow the correct rules for some time after rolling out new legislation.

    Should you find that you are wrongly charged VAT on importing your package we urge you to dispute this with customs immediately. You can also reach out to us via the app and we will be more than happy to provide you with further documentation that you can submit as evidence to prove the appliances are VAT exempt.

    For those based in the UK, shipping of the initial impression kit and other upgrades such as the whitening kit and oral care pack are operated from a EU country and additional payments should not be due. In the event that you are asked to pay any import fees for the impression kit, please contact us. We will advise you on the documents to share before paying customs, the cost of which we will cover upon proof of payment (up to £5).

    For any help on navigating the changes please reach out via your secure account.

    Shipping is free!

    All deliveries are operated by the courier company DHL, from the impression kit to the aligners.
    This means deliveries are fast with reliable tracking, and you also have the flexibility to rearrange delivery at a time / day that suits you.
    You'll even be provided a prepaid DHL return label to return your impressions to the lab.

    Your SmileBox™ will be individually prepared and contains your prepaid printed return label. It will be ready to ship within days of placing your order (can take up to 5 business days during restocking times – generally next day during week days).
    Delivery times vary depending on your address and customs processing:
    UK and Europe: 1-3 working days
    ROW: 5-8 working days

    You'll find a prepaid printed label and envelope in your SmileBox™ with instructions on how to contact DHL for them to pick the parcel up from you, or where you can find your nearest drop off point.
    The DHL website can be confusing, so if you're having a hard time just reach out via email or through your account, where all your conversations are saved, so we can guide you. [please note: the website live chat is mainly used to help new visitors find their way and start consultation to receive fast and accurate answers, please contact us through your account where all your conversations are saved, or via email].

    Absolutely! This solution is ideal for digital nomads or people on the move who cannot commit to monthly appointments with a local clinic. We ship to multiple locations at no extra cost, so you can start your treatment in one country and receive the next batch of aligners in another.
    Simply update the address in your Profile tab and notify the support team via a quick message in case of a pending order.

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