What sets us apart?

Simply the best

  • Sold by dentists in the USA for $500 to $1,000
  • We make it available for only 299€ | £269

Why we use KöR

  • It gives impressive and longer lasting results
  • It’s safe and only available when prescribed by a dentist
  • It requires no extra time or appointment
  • It comes with desensitizer to prevent sensitivity issues


  • How can I upgrade?

    Simply message us through your secure account mentioned that you’re interested to upgrade. We’ll share a Paypal invoice with you and confirm when your whitening kit is on it’s way to you with your tracking number.

  • When shall I upgrade?

    You can upgrade anytime once your have your aligners; some people prefer to wait for the end results so that all the teeth can be whitened uniformly; some people with gaps or minor crowding prefer to do it at the beginning or part way through their treatment.

    It’s entirely up to you.

  • How much is it?

    We don’t believe in cheap whitening that requires multiple top ups and can damage your teeth; all we care about is visible results that last.

    Dentists sell it for between $500 to $1,000 in the USA, and we managed to make it available at only 299€ | £269 as an upgrade with your straightening package.

    We do get discounts when placing big orders so do ask when you are interested to upgrade we might have an offer for you.

    You can also join in combination with the StraightTeeth Care Plan. LEARN MORE

  • How do I upgrade to get the premium teeth whitening?

    Once you’ve ordered your aligners, simply send us a quick message through your app or secure account letting us know that you’re interested in upgrading to the premium teeth whitening.

    You’ll receive a Paypal invoice and tracking confirmation as soon as your whitening kit is on it’s way to you.

  • Will the whitening kit be delivered in the same package as my aligners or retainers?

    They whitening kit will come separately, as soon as your order is placed.

  • How long can I keep the teeth whitening kit for?

    The premium gel can be kept in the fridge until you’re ready to use it.

    It comes with an expiry date of at least 1 year from purchase or so.

  • When during my treatment is the best time to start the premium teeth whitening?

    This depends on your personal preference, as whitening can be started at any time during or after your treatment.

    However, if your teeth are crowded and covering each other, it may be best to wait until all the surfaces can be reached by the whitening gel to achieve a more uniform result.

  • Is the whitening process over after a single use or is it done in stages?

    To achieve visible and lasting results, the gel should be used for 3 to 14 consecutive nights until the desired whiteness is attained.

    Your premium kit will come with 2 separate gel tubes. Some people feel using 1 is enough and keep the second for a top up later.

    Depending on your enamel quality and lifestyle habits you may or may not need annual top up. This professional product doesn’t require ongoing use, it gives more lasting results than over the counter products.

  • Can I use the whitening gel with my aligners or do I use a different tray?

    The whitening gel can be used with your aligners or retainers, as these are already tailor made to perfectly fit your teeth. You simply pop a bit of gel in them before going to bed.

  • Is this process safe for my teeth?

    The whitening gel’s effect on the teeth is comparable to the effect of drinking a glass of orange juice.

    As the whitening process takes place over night (over several hours), the gel is less concentrated and gentler than that used during whitening sessions at a dentist’s office (shorter amount of time for whitening to take place, requiring a more concentrated gel).