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5 Ways Straighter Teeth Could Change Your Life

5 Ways Straighter Teeth Could Change Your Life

There are many reasons why someone would want straighter teeth. They’re unhappy with the way their teeth have developed, they feel self-conscious when they smile, or perhaps their crooked teeth are causing more serious oral health problems.

Once you start your teeth straightening treatment and begin to gain more confidence in your smile, you will discover that there are so many more benefits than just how you look. The aesthetic benefits are key, but there are many health and well being benefits that you may not have considered. Straightening your teeth could change your life!

Improve your self-confidence

People with straight teeth have a smile that they’re proud of, leading them to be less self-conscious and happier to smile at every opportunity. Smiling is infectious too, so your new self-confidence might prove to be a boost for those around you too.

Self-consciousness holds us back when we’re socialising, communicating with people at work, and it can even affect our behaviour online. Millions of selfies are posted online every single week, but unfortunately we’re not all smiling brightly in them.

Improve your general oral health

Straighter teeth are easier to brush, with fewer gaps and fewer places for plaque to hide. Crooked teeth can overlap, expose gaps and present more opportunities for gum problems and tooth decay.

Crowded teeth can cause inflamed gums, make flossing difficult and even lead to the gradual wear and tear of our precious, protective layer of enamel. The dental problems this can lead to are too many to mention.

Set you on the path to career success

In 2007, a study revealed that a bright, white smile has a direct and positive effect on our daily interactions. First dates and job interviews were simulated and those with the straightest, whitest smiles were 58% more likely to receive a positive first impression.

A great smile is a sign of confidence, pride and general well being, all great traits to have in the workplace. Your ability and intellect go hand in hand with your personality and attitude when it comes to promotion at work – no one wants to promote someone they don’t like!

Reduce your dental bills in the future

Fighting plaque, being able to brush thoroughly and preventing gum problems means less dental procedures in the future. Better oral health means less chance of dental issues in the future. Most people wait until they’re in pain to go to the dentist and think that if they can’t see or feel the issue there isn’t one there.

This is why it’s always recommended that you visit your dentist once every 6 months and have your teeth professionally cleaned by a hygienist. Prevention is always better than expensive and painful treatment.

Whatever your motivations for having your teeth straightened with invisible aligners are, we are here to help. With our free e-consultation, your life-changing smile may be just a few mouse-clicks away.

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