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Smile more. Pay less

Smile More.
Pay Less.


Step One


[Home impression kit + personalised plan]


Don’t mind traveling?

Get your teeth professionally 3D scanned in central London. Same price - 15 min appointment - hassle free. This option can be booked via the app as an alternative to the impression kit.

Temporarily Unavailable

This covers:

Postage to<br/>and from you

Postage to
and from you

All impression<br/>needed

All impression


Step Two


[Custom aligners + Dentist monitoring]

Pay in one go

3 installments

Upfront : 5950kr — Installments : 5950kr — 2 and 4 months later


Upfront : 4000kr — Monthly : 1875kr/month — for 8 months


Available on finance from external credit provider from 450kr/month

This covers:

All aligners<br/>top & bottom

All aligners
top & bottom

Monthly progress<br/>tracking

Monthly progress

Free set<br/>of retainers

Free set
of retainers

Smile Upgrades

Whitening upgrade
Decorative icon

Whitening upgrade


World’s most efficient and long lasting dentist prescribed teeth whitening product

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Maintainer plan
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Maintainer plan


Receive new retainers every 6 months and extend your guarantee against broken/lost retainers + tooth movement

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Pricing FAQs

The SmileBox™ price of €47 contains everything you need to make a total of 6 dental impressions: 3 of your upper arch and 3 of your lower arch. It also includes free return shipping, your 3D smile simulation and comprehensive Straight Teeth Plan, which comprises a detailed orthodontic analysis of your current dental structure, a prediction of your future smile, as well as the movements necessary to achieve those goals and your results agreement. This stage is to make sure you are 100% happy with the results before you commit further and is also covered by our unique Suitability & Impressions Guarantee (see Guarantees for more info). This step does not yet cover the aligner cost, which is detailed below.

The StraightBox™ price of €1.500 covers the aligner cost and contains everything you need to achieve the smile goals outlined and agreed upon in your orthodontic plan, with no hidden costs. This means: all necessary invisible aligners (incl. refinements if required), continued support and monitoring by our support and clinical teams and free shipping. This stage is also covered by our unique Lost & Broken Aligner Replacement Guarantee, meaning you receive replacement aligners in case of loss or breakage at no extra charge, as well as our Results Agreement Guarantee, so that you can be 100% sure that you will receive everything your smile requires to achieve the results agreed upon (see Guarantees for more info).

We do have offers on the teeth whitening upgrades. We have optimised remote orthodontic treatment in such a way that allows us to provide the highest quality results at the lowest possible aligner cost all year round.

The teeth straightening treatment is €1.500 if you pay in one go.

You also have the option to choose from 2 in house, credit check free payment plans:

  • Monthly payments: €399 upfront + €170 monthly for 8 months
  • Three installments: €550 upfront + €550 on month 3 and on month 5 of your treatment

Thanks to our unique in house plans, you can spread the aligner cost independently of your income or financial situation and it won't impact your credit history since it is set up as a subscription directly with us.
Since we take the financial risk and you receive part of the treatment upfront, we have built the payment plans to work for both you and us without having to delay your treatment or make huge deposits.
For this reason, you technically receive a discount for paying the aligner cost quicker or in full.

Your payment plan is automatically set up at check out, and payments are handled for you automatically by Stripe (the app payment processor) on a monthly basis in accordance with your first transaction. The payments for the aligner cost are NOT synced with the progress of your treatment.
For example, if you made the first payment on January 1st, your next payment will be due exactly one month from then, so on February 1st and so on. The payments will be subtracted directly from the card you registered with.

Don't worry, the payment processor will try to subtract the amount 3 times. If after the 3rd try payment is still unsuccessful, you will be contacted to solve the issue.

Everybody is eligible for our 2 in house plans (monthly / 3 instalments).

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