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Pet friendly braces – Making you and your furry friends smile

We know what you’re thinking: Are pet friendly braces even a thing? Well, we’ve had a lot of feedback from users after aligner-themed mishaps with their pets, so we thought it was high time someone addressed the issue.
If you’re looking into teeth straightening methods that will keep you smiling through your furry friend’s fancies, make sure you find an option that gives you the most flexibility, while guaranteeing your results. That is why Straight Teeth Direct™ has three measures in place to keep you covered from all angles in these situations.

#1 Lost & Broken Aligner Guarantee

We know life isn’t as straightforward as your orthodontic treatment plan. For instance, Kayleigh had just begun using her first set of braces when her pup decided to step in, and before she knew it, that first aligner was all chewed up! Worried about what it would cost to have it replaced, she sent us a message right away via her app account.

“I’ve just gone to put my bottom aligners back in and realised that my dog chewed them up! I can’t believe it! It’s just the first bottom set. Absolutely gutted. How much will it cost me to have the bottom set replaced?” – Kayleigh

This is no unique case: Danielle’s dog had the same idea, and she was also left a set of aligners short, whereas Isla’s dog didn’t even wait for her aligners to arrive and went straight for one of her impression trays! The good news is, our Lost & Broken aligner guarantee is the perfect extra to pet friendly braces, protecting you from situations like these messing up your treatment. We’ll send you a replacement aligner at no extra cost! Typically, you would be charged £99 per replacement. One of the reasons for this is that dentists have the aligners produced in an external laboratory, leading to higher costs. At Straight Teeth Direct™, we are vertically integrated, meaning we can maintain minimum production costs, giving you a perfectly pet friendly braces solution 🙂 

#2 Aligner case

Although the aligner case may look like a cute little extra, it actually plays an essential part in your orthodontic treatment journey, because unprotected aligners can put a real dent in your progress (as you can guess from the above mishaps). We received a message from Catherine lamenting that she must have removed her aligner while sleep-walking, as she woke up to her dog having chewed them up! Chloe had a similar experience after her dog “jumped onto the table the chewed my current aligners”. 

Of course, the aligner case would have prevented this sort of damage. Apart from your removable braces, the chewies are also important for your orthodontic treatment, as they ensure the aligners sit snug enough to achieve the required movement. Most users like to keep them in the aligner case, too, to avoid losing them. Despite the similar name, chewies are no chew toys – something Khadijah’s cat seemed to have misinterpreted. Thanks to modern technology, things like chewies can be replaced without much difficulty – think Amazon Prime and express shipping couriers. That’s why all of your Straight Teeth Direct™ orders are sent with DHL, ensuring super fast delivery and the most comfortable at home teeth straightening experience for you.

pet friendly teeth straightening - cat

“My cat stole my chewies!” – Khadijah

#3 Aligners sent in stages

To make sure your orthodontic treatment can be properly monitored, your aligners are sent in batches rather than all in one go. This means you’ll receive between 3-5 sets at a time, depending on your progress. It also ensures that you always have your previous and next aligners on hand, should anything happen to your current set. For example, if you’re 1 week into your new set and your dog steals one of the aligners, you can switch back to the previous set until we get you your replacement. Or, if you’re scheduled to move to the next set of aligners soon, you can send a message through the app with a picture of your teeth, and the orthodontist team will advise whether or not you are ready to proceed to the next stage that little bit earlier. This is absolutely an exception, however, our unique system makes it possible in the safest way.

pet friendly braces - Vinnie“My jackadoodle Vinnie chewed a set of mine. I was mortified! Luckily it was the day before I was due to start a new set.” – Charlotte

For example, when Charlotte’s pup chewed up her aligner, she was recommended to continue her straight teeth journey without any interruptions and switch to the next aligner. Luke had a similar experience when “Unfortunately my dog has eaten my set of aligners 2A!”, and moved onto his next set of aligners, while Helen continued wearing the previous set of aligners after her dog chewed hers. With traditional orthodontic procedures, they all would have had to arrange appointments with their dentists, who would then need to get the braces adjusted or new replacement ones taking a while to make before arranging another appointment to get the aligners fitted. That could have easily put their treatments on hold for over two weeks!

Ready to em*bark on your own teeth straightening journey with pet friendly braces? 

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