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#MySmileDelivered -Terms & conditions


How to submit a Selfie

  1. For the chance to have your Selfie featured in the #MySmileDelivered Gallery (the “Gallery”), simply submit a selfie of you with your SmileBox™ or aligners (“Selfie”) available from Straight Teeth Direct™ either (a) via the upload button on http://www.straightteethdirect.com/my-smile-delivered/ or (b) via Twitter/Instagram using the hashtag #MySmileDelivered by submitting a Selfie you confirm that the product featured in that Selfie is a genuine representation of a product available from Straight Teeth Direct™ and is otherwise not in breach of these Terms and Conditions.

Selfie Requirements

  1. Please note that Selfies can be no bigger than 1MB and must not feature anyone under the age of 16.
  2. The Selfie must be of you, your own haul OR you must have the consent of the person who is in the Selfie to submit this to us.

How will my Selfie and any other details submitted by me be used?

  1. Straight Teeth Direct™ will select Selfies to be shown in the Gallery at its absolute discretion.  For the avoidance of doubt, Straight Teeth Direct™ is under no obligation to use any Selfies submitted.
  2. By submitting a Selfie you agree that your personal data will be used by Straight Teeth Direct™ in accordance with Straight Teeth Direct’s Privacy Policy. The Privacy Policy can be found at http://straightteethdirect.com/privacy/
  3. If your Selfie is uploaded to the Gallery it means that Straight Teeth Direct™ and its users will be able to view the Selfie via the Gallery on http://www.straightteethdirect.com/my-smile-delivered/ and that, both Straight Teeth Direct™ and its fans/users, will be able to share the Selfies via social media sites including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Google+.
  4. During the submission process you may also be asked to choose a name which, if your Selfie is selected, will be displayed with your Selfie in the Gallery.  If you do not want your full name to be used please enter “Anon”. Please make sure your username is not rude or offensive otherwise we will replace it with “Anon”. When you publish content or information it means you are allowing everyone, including other internet users to access and use that information and to associate it with you (name and photo). We advise that you never reveal any additional personal information about yourself or anyone else featured in the Selfie that would allow you to be located.
  5. If we do not select your Selfie for the Gallery it will be deleted immediately. If we do  select your Selfie, we will keep it until the Gallery is taken down, at which point it will be deleted.

What happens if I have a complaint about a Selfie or want my Selfie removed?

  1. Straight Teeth Direct™ takes care to moderate all Selfies before they are uploaded to the Gallery.  However, if you believe a Selfie in the Gallery is inappropriate, offensive or is violating someone’s legal rights (for example, copyright or trademark infringement) then you can report the Selfie by emailing us at hello@straightteethdirect.com.
  2. Once a report is received, Straight Teeth Direct™ will remove the Selfie in question while they investigate further. Please note that whilst Straight Teeth Direct™ can remove Selfies from the Gallery, or any websites under Straight Teeth Direct’s™ reasonable control, Straight Teeth Direct™ is not able, nor is Straight Teeth Direct™ responsible for, the removal of Selfies shared or posted by third parties on third party sites which are not under Straight Teeth Direct’s™ control.  If you wish to report a Selfie shared on a third party site you should contact the third party site directly.
  3. Straight Teeth Direct™ will remove any content that may put Straight Teeth Direct™ or its agents at legal risk, such as potentially libelous or defamatory comments, or Selfies posted in potential breach of copyright or other third party rights.Straight Teeth Direct™ or its agents reserve the right, in their sole discretion, to remove any Selfies or comments at any time without specifying the reason(s) for doing so or without entering into further correspondence.

Permissions regarding your Selfie

  1. By submitting your Selfie it means you are granting Straight Teeth Direct™ certain rights and permissions as further explained below. Submitting your Selfie means that:

a) you grant Straight Teeth Direct™ a full licence to use the  Selfie in any way it wants and for any purpose without compensating you;

b) you confirm that your Selfie features a genuine representation of a product available from Straight Teeth Direct™  and does not depict anything which is unlawful or contains anything inappropriate or anything contrary to common standards of decency.

c) you confirm the Selfie is your own creation and is not a copy of anyone else’s work;

d) you confirm that anyone featured in your Selfie has agreed to participate and is 16 or over;

e) you and anyone else featuring in your Selfie waive any moral rights in connection with the Selfie;

The Gallery will be operated by Straight Teeth Direct™ Europe Ltd